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Welcome to the Intensive English Center (IEC) at SUNY Korea


The SUNY Korea IEC has been offering a program of courses and activities, identical to its sister program at Stony Brook University in New York, providing educational and cultural opportunities while promoting English proficiency for academic purposes.


Our main priority is to support our students’ language and cultural needs through an outstanding quality of implementation, personal attention and mutual understanding.


We believe assisting students to respectfully develop a global understanding will result in multicultural awareness as well as high proficiency in English as a foreign language.



The mission of the IEC is to assist English learners in acquiring the knowledge and language skills necessary to gears them for intercultural communication. By being exposed to intensive English courses, students can become not only fluent in the English language but also mentally prepared for the challenges of being an international student.


Provisional Students
Provisional admission is an option available to students who are academically qualified to be admitted to SUNY Korea but have not yet reached the required level of English proficiency. SUNY Korea requires a TOEFL score of 80 iBT, 6.5 IELTS, or 430 in SAT Critical Reading for full admission. To receive provisional admission, students must meet the academic standards as approved by the Office of International Undergraduate Admissions. Only the office of International Undergraduate Admissions at Stony Brook University can offer provisional admission upon receiving an application and required documentation. Please contact Admissions for deadlines and instructions.


Program Overview

The IEC has 4 levels: Pre-intermediate (IEC 111); Intermediate (IEC 112); High Intermediate (IEC 113); and Advanced (IEC 114).


IEC 111(Pre-intermediate) – IEC 112 (Intermediate)

All pre-intermediate through intermediate students take IEC 111 & 112 courses. They are designed to help students build a strong foundation in general oral and written communication.


Core classes: Listening & Speaking; Reading & Writing

Elective classes: Intermediate Grammar; Conversation; Pronunciation


IEC 113 (High intermediate) – IEC 114 (Advanced)

These levels help high intermediate to advanced students prepare for success in an American University. Once a student has reached either the IEC 113 or IEC 114 level, they have the opportunity to take one  SUNY Korea class before graduating from the IEC program, pending IEC Director approval. This allows for a smooth transition into becoming a SUNY Korea student.


Core classes: Listening & Speaking; Reading & Writing

Elective classes: Advanced Grammar; Business English; American Film & Culture; Pronunciation


The IEC classes are geared towards preparing students for academic language skills. Students receive instruction in critical thinking, essay writing, making oral presentations, note-taking, and comprehending academic lectures.


All IEC Students

When students start the IEC program, they must take part in IEC orientation and placement exams. They will be placed into an English level according to the results of the exam. As for provisional students, the level in which they are placed will determine the duration of the time they will spend as an IEC student before they can become a fully admitted student to the university.


Sample Path





IEC 111

IEC 111

IEC 112

IEC 113

IEC 112

IEC 112

IEC 113

IEC 114

IEC 113

IEC 113

IEC 114


IEC 114

IEC 114




Students who complete the Advanced IEC Level (114) with a B or better will be cleared for admission to SUNY Korea or Stony Brook University without having to submit a new TOEFL or IELTS score.




  • •  Small class size and individual attention
  • •  Highly qualified and experienced instructors
  • •  Full access for IEC students to the facilities, services, and activities of the SUNY Korea
  • •  Conversation practice
  • •  Language lab


SUNY Korea IEC has 4 sessions in a year.

  • •  Spring session (12 weeks) – Mandatory
  • •  Summer session (12 weeks) – Mandatory
  • •  Fall session (15 weeks) - Mandatory
  • •  Winter session (6 weeks) - Optional


Registration may close when enrollments are met regardless of the deadline listed below for each semester.



Spring Session 2017
February 29 – May 19
Deadline: February 10


Summer Session 2017
May 29 – August 18
Deadline: May 4


Fall Session 2017
August 28 – December 8
Deadline: August 4



Winter Session 2018
January 2 – February 9
Deadline: December 8


To Apply 

If you are interested in applying earlier, please contact the IEC Administrative Office.


Phone: 032-626-1400



Program Fee
Provisional $ 4,950.00


Contact Information

Tel: 032-626-1400 Fax: 032-626-1499


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