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1. 한국뉴욕주립대학교 상담센터

한국뉴욕주립대학교 상담센터는 학생들의 효율적이고 성공적인 대학생활 적응과 건강한 삶, 행복한 성장을 위해 돕는 교내 부속기관입니다. 혼자 해결하기 어려운 대인관계, 성격, 가족이나 학업에 관련한 개인 상담 뿐 아니라, 심리, 정신적 위기상담 등이 가능합니다. 모든 상담은 무료로 제공되며 철저히 비밀이 보장됩니다. 필요한 경우, 적절한 전문기관에 연계해주는 서비스도 제공하고 있습니다.

2. 상담예약방법

- (032) 626-1700

3. 긴급상황

상담센터 근무시간 외에 긴급상황 발생 시에는
- 119
- 기숙사 24시간 응급서비스 (010-4768-1196)
- 가까운 병원 응급실로 연락하시기 바랍니다.

1. Introduction

Counseling Center is a place where students get help for personal, emotional, psychological and family problems.

Some common concerns are listed below:
- Transitioning into and out of college
- Relationship difficulties
- Sleep problems
- Stress and anxiety
- Depression
- Identity issues and experiences such as those pertaining to gender, sexual orientation, and disability
- Acculturation issues including migration and adjustment to new culture

As a SUNY Korea student, you are able to access out individual counseling services by making an appointment. Because the problems left untreated or unresolved can become much larger and affect your personal and academic well-being we encourage students to seek help sooner, rather than later. Our services are free to all registered students and are private and confidential. Sessions with counselor average 50 minutes in length.

2. FAQ

Who is eligible for counseling services?
All registered SUNY Korea students are eligible for counseling services.

How much does it cost for counseling?
There is no charge for all eligible students.

Are services confidential?
Yes, all services are completely confidential. No information is shared with any other person or office without your written consent. The exception to this is if we need to keep someone safe from harm (either yourself or someone else).

How do I get started with counseling services?
You can email or call the Counseling Center at (032) 626-1700 for an appointment.

Do you take walk-ins?
If the counselor is available, the counselor can accommodate walk-ins. But, we strongly recommend you to make a reservation in advance via email or phone call. If you are experiencing an emergency situation, please contact the Resident Assistant on Duty (24-Hour-Hotline: 010-4768-1196). The University staff member will see you immediately to assess the need to see a counselor.

What if I can no longer attend a scheduled appointment?
We ask that you call or email your counselor ahead of time to cancel an appointment if you cannot make the scheduled time. We try to accommodate as many students as possible and no shows will affect the number of students we can see.

What if my friend is in crisis?
During office hours, call or email us to let us know that someone needs immediate help. We’ll contact you with the counselor who will consult with you about your concerns and recommend an appropriate plan. If you’re living on campus, you may also contact the Resident Assistant on Duty (24-Hour-Houtline: 010-4768-1196) for emergency assistance. If you’re living off campus, the safest thing to do is to go to the nearest hospital emergency room or all 119.

3. Contact Us

(032) 626-1700
Location: Academic Building A 522

4. Spring 2021 Semester Hours

Monday & Wednesday: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. (In-person & Virtual)
Tuesday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (In-person & Virtual)
Thursday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Virtual only)

5. If an emergency, call one of these numbers:

- 119
- 010-4768-1196 (24-Hour-Hotline: RA on Duty)
- 010-6272-9567 (24-Hour-Hotline: Gil Int’l Health Care Center)

1. 咨询服务中心介绍

韩国纽约州立大学咨询服务中心提供免费咨询服务。咨询服务不仅可以进行学生的个人咨询,还可以进行心理咨询、精神危机咨询等, 所有的咨询都会得到彻底的保密。另外, 必要时提供与适当专业机构连接的服务。

咨询服务中心提供给学生们稳定、系统的咨询服务, 通过此举, 学生们不仅能在大学里流畅沟通, 还能提高学业成就度。我们建议学生在学校生活或日常生活中遇到困难时, 尽快联系中心, 寻求帮助。为此, 咨询服务中心对拥有多样背景的所有阶层的人进行了解, 并提供最适合的咨询服务。

* 咨询预约
如果是韩国纽约州立大学的学生, 任何人都可以寻访咨询服务中心。如需预约, 请致电032-626-1167或联系。如需访问咨询, 请务必提前预约。除了工作时间以外, 如果发生紧急情况时, 若向学生&职业组联系,本中心尽快回复。

* 紧急情况
-  1拨打119或
-  请向最近的医院急救室联系。

* 韩国纽约州立大学的T-JTA性格检查和咨询
在实行寄宿型全人教育的韩国纽约州立大学,实行性格检查, 掌握学生性格,这不仅对宿舍生活, 还对交友关系产生十分重要的作用。T-JTA性格检查是为了探究个人的性格和倾向而进行, 持有T-JTA公认资格证的咨询师用韩语和英语进行咨询。学生入学后, 学校全体学生实行T-JTA性格检查, 以此为基础, 接受专家咨询, 以此来寻找更为准确的自我价值。


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