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Department of Fashion Design

FIT의 패션디자인학과는 가장 독창적인 학위 프로그램으로 오트 쿠튀르 (맞춤 고급 의류)부터 기성복까지 모든 분야에서의 성공을 도모합니다. 학생들은 패션드레이핑, 디지털 디자인, 일러스트레이션, 패턴메이킹, 재료와 구성, 섬유과학, 재봉기술 등의 교육과정을 거쳐 창의적 시각과 실용적 기술을 동시에 갖춘 디자이너로 성장합니다.

진출 분야: 패션 디자이너(여성복, 남성복, 파티복, 란제리, 니트, 아동복 등), 무대의상 디자이너, 텍스타일 디자이너, 패턴사, 재단사, 패션 일러스트레이터, 스타일리스트 등

담당자 : 교무팀 이가연 사무실 : 강의동 A201호
연락처 : (032) 626-1358
이메일 :
*입학상담 : (032) 626-1114

Department of Fashion Design

Department of Fashion Design

Fashion Design program—one of FIT's original degree programs—has been preparing students for success at every level, from haute couture to ready-to-wear to mass market, Over 65 years. Students will learn the fundamentals of professional draping, patternmaking, sewing techniques, computer-aided design (CAD), and the process of taking a design from concept to finished garment. This program guides students to become not only designers with their own creative vision, but professionals prepared to take their places in this challenging industry.

Career paths: Fashion designer(Sportswear, menswear, Knitwear, special occasion, Intimate apparel, children’s wear), textile designer, fashion illustrator, fashion stylist, and etc.

Coordinator : Ka-Yeon(Isabella) Lee Office : Academic Building A201
Phone : (032) 626-1358
Email :
*Admission Inquiry : (032) 626-1114


Department of Fashion Design

FIT的时尚设计学科是最具独创性的学位项目, 从定制高档服装到旣成服为止的等所有领域都力求取得成功。 学生们通过 服装立体裁剪 、数码设计、 插画、图案制作、材料和构成、纤维科学、缝纫技术等教育课程, 成长为具备创意视角和实用性的设计师。

进军领域: 服装设计师(女装、男装、派对服、内衣、针织衫、儿童服装等), 舞台服装设计师、织物设计师、图案师、 裁剪师、服装插画师、造型师等

Coordinator : Ka-Yeon(Isabella) Lee Office : Academic Building A201
Phone : (032) 626-1358
Email :
*Admission Inquiry : (032) 626-1114


  • Leonard Bess international Program Chair
    Leonard Bess Assistant Professor & Director for SUNY Korea - FIT Programs Flat Pattern, Computer Aided Design Office: C714
    Phone: (032)626-1550
  • Goeun Cho Adjunct Professor
    Goeun Cho Adjunct Professor Art, Tailoring Office: C709
    Phone: (032)626-1570
  • Sukyung Kang Adjunct Professor
    Sukyung Kang Adjunct Professor Flat Sketch, Technical Design Office: C709
    Phone: (032)626-1570
  • Bon Kuk Koo Research Assistant Professor
    Bon Kuk Koo Research Assistant Professor & Deputy Director for SUNY Korea - FIT Programs Draping and Pattern Making Office: C711
    Phone: (032)626-1551
  • Jayeon Kwon Adjunct Professor
    Jayeon Kwon Adjunct Professor Painting, Drawing Office: C709
    Phone: (032)626-1570
  • Heisoon Shin Leading Professor
    Heisoon Shin Leading Professor Fashion Design Office: B410
    Phone: -

AAS Degree Program

Fashion Design AAS Degree Program
School of Art and Design

Applications accepted for fall and spring.      NYSED: 00835       CIP: 50.0407

The Fashion Design AAS program offers qualified students the opportunity to prepare for positions as designers, assistant designers, technical designers, or stylists. Through the application of design knowledge and experiential learning, the students develop their unique sense of aesthetics. Successful students will be able to adapt and apply their acquired knowledge to the evolving fashion industry, related design fields, and other creative careers. Curriculum below is for the entering class of fall 2021.

Semester 1 Credits
MAJOR AREA FD 117 - Design Studio I - Introduction to Draping 2
MAJOR AREA FD 133 - Materials and Construction I 2
MAJOR AREA FF 111 - Visual Design Concepts I 2
MAJOR AREA FF 143 - Digital Design Studio 3
RELATED AREA TS 131 - Textile Principles for the Fashion Designer 3
ART HISTORY choice - see Requirements* 3
GENERAL EDUCATION choice- see Requirements* 3
Semester 2 Credits
MAJOR AREA FD 127 - Design Studio II - Soft Draping 3
MAJOR AREA FD 134 - Materials and Construction II 2
MAJOR AREA FF 121 - Fashion Research and Inspiration 2
MAJOR AREA FF 161 - Fashion Art Studio 3
RELATED AREA FA 116 - Creative Media** 1.5
GENERAL EDUCATION choice- see Requirements* 6
Semester 3 Credits
MAJOR AREA FD 217 - Design Studio III - Structured Draping 3
MAJOR AREA FD 243 - Apparel Design Studio - Patternmaking 3
MAJOR AREA FF 211 - Visual Design Concepts III 2
MAJOR AREA FF 245 - Digital Design: Flats and Floats 1.5
ART HISTORY choice - see Requirements* 3
GENERAL EDUCATION choice - see Requirements* 3
Semester 4 Credits
MAJOR AREA Apparel Concentration 1 6.5
GENERAL EDUCATION choice - see Requirements* 6
Total Credits: 63.5
Apparel Specialization
FD 227 Design Studio IV: Advanced Draping 3
FD 244 Design Development: Digital Communication and Management 1.5
FF 212 Visual Design Concepts IV 2
Total Credits: 63.5

*Fall 2020 Requirements: See below
FIT's General Education and Art History Requirements for Art and Design Associate Degree Programs
Three (3) credits from each required General Education area, totaling 9 credits: G1, G2, and G3 Six (6) credits from two (2) different areas in non-HA liberal arts courses in G4–G10 Three (3) credits of any 200- or 300-level English literature or speech course Six (6) credits from Art and Design History courses: HA 112 (3 credits, required for all Art and Design majors), plus another 3-credit HA course

FIT's Gen Ed courses are organized into the following categories: G1 Basic Communication; G2 Mathematics; G3 Natural Sciences; G4 Social Sciences; G5 Western Civilization; G6 The Arts; G7 Humanities; G8 Foreign Language; G9 Other World Civilizations; G10 American History.

See list of Gen Ed approved courses under FIT's General Education Requirements and Courses. An FIT Gen Ed course cannot be used to meet more than one General Education area.
Certain majors require specific courses. Please review your DARS audit to determine if a particular course is required by your major to meet General Education credits.

**Related Area Elective(s): 1.5 credits (minimum)
FA 116 or CHOICE of another Fine Arts course

Upper Division Alternative(s): Graduates of this program are eligible to apply for admission to the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs in Fabric Styling, Fashion Design – Children's Wear, Fashion Design – Intimate Apparel, Fashion Design – Knitwear, Fashion Design – Special Occasion, Fashion Design – Sportswear, Textile/Surface Design, and Toy Design, and the Bachelor of Science programs in Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries, Technical Design, and Textile Development and Marketing.

Fashion Institute of Technology CI

"한국뉴욕주립대학교"의 "FIT"에 입학하기 위한 준비사항, 학비, 구비서류, 장학금 등의 모든 정보와 절차 확인을 원하시면 입학정보를 확인하세요."

Fashion Institute of Technology CI

This section guides you for all necessary information about admissions to FIT program.

Fashion Institute of Technology CI

This section guides you for all necessary information about admissions to FIT program.


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