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패션경영학과 소개

Department of Fashion Business Management

FIT의 패션경영학과는 미국 내 동일분야 중 가장 크고 전통있는 학위 프로그램으로 창의적 기술과 분석적 사고가 동시에 필요한 도전적인 학과입니다. 학생들은 패션마케팅, 제품개발, 소매 관리, 패션광고와 판매촉진 등의 교육과정을 거쳐 패션업계의 경영 전문가로 성장합니다. 숙련된 전문가의 지도를 받으며, 교실 안 학습을 넘어 한국 및 뉴욕 전역의 쇼룸, 바잉 오피스 방문 등 현장 체험의 기회가 주어집니다.

진출 분야: 머쳔다이져, 바이어, 패션마케팅 매니저, 패션홍보 전문가, 패션기업 CEO, 유통전문가, 패션아트디렉터, 패션에디터, 패션저널리스트, 샵매니저 등

담당자 : 교무팀 석예리 사무실 : Academic Building A201
연락처 : (032) 626-1356
이메일 :
*입학상담 : (032) 626-1114

Department of Fashion Business Management

Department of Fashion Business Management

Fashion Business Management at FIT is the largest and oldest degree program of its kind in the country. It's a challenging and rewarding career that combines creative skills and analytical thinking. Students will learn global fashion merchandising strategies, fashion marketing, retail management, advertising and promotion, product development, creative fashion presentations. Instructed by experienced industry professionals, and principles of buying and planning, students will acquire real-world skills from beyond the classroom by visiting retail stores and their corporate offices showrooms, specialty shops, and buying offices throughout the city.

“The Best Fashion Merchandising Schools in the U.S. 2018”

Career Paths: Merchandiser, Buyer, Fashion marketing manager, Entrepreneur, product developer, retail manager, fashion art director, fashion editor, fashion journalist, store manager, and etc.

Coordinator : Yeri Seok Office : Academic Building A201
Phone : (032) 626-1356
Email :
*Admission Inquiry : (032) 626-1114


Department of Fashion Business Management

FIT的服装经营学科是美国国内同类领域中最大的传统学位项目, 是具有创意性的技术和分析性思考的专业性的学科。学生们经过服装营销、产品开发、零售管理、服装广告和促销等教育课程, 成长为时尚业界的经营专家。接受熟练的专家指导, 超越教室内的学习体验, 访问韩国、纽约全境的展示厅 、购物办公室访问等现场体验的机会。

进军领域: 零售专家、采购商、时装营销经理、时装宣传专家、时装企业CEO、流通专家、时装艺术专家、时装总监、时装杂志经理、商店经理等

负责人 : 教务组 康民基 办公室 : Academic Building A201
联系方式 : (032) 626-1355


Meeta Roy Assistant Professor International Luxury Brand Management Office : C717
Phone : (032)626-1560
  • Linda Kim Teaching Assistant Professor Textile Science and Design Office: A201
    Phone: (032)626-1123
  • Rachel Stuckey Teaching Assistant Professor Graphic Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Office: A208
    Phone: (032)626-1191
  • Hye Yeon Jeong Adjunct Professor Product Development, Global Merchandising Office: C709
    Phone: (032)626-1570
  • Hyojung Suk Adjunct Professor Fashion Marketing, Fashion Journalism Office: C709
    Phone: (032)626-1570
  • Victoria Kim Adjunct Professor Design Management, Global Marketing Office: C709
    Phone: (032)626-1570
  • Chieun Kim Adjunct Professor Fashion Buying, Fashion Information Office: C709
    Phone: (032)626-1570
  • Yeunho Yang Adjunct Professor Textiles Office: C709
    Phone: (032)626-1570
  • Sunghyun Lee Teaching Assistant Professor Career Development Office: A208
    Phone: (032)626-1190

AAS Degree Program

Fashion Business Management AAS Degree Program
School of Business and Technology

Applications accepted for fall semesters. NYSED: 00828 HEGIS 5004
The major in Fashion Business Management provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for assuming positions in the fashion industry in areas such as buying, product development, creative fashion presentation, retail management, and marketing. This degree provides the foundation for further studies in specialized areas as required by our bachelor’s degree program. Curriculum below is for the entering class of Fall 2018.

Semester 1 Credits
MAJOR AREA FM 114 - Introduction to the Fashion Industry 3
MAJOR AREA FM 116 - Fashion Business Practices 3
RELATED AREA AC 111 - Advertising and Promotion 3
RELATED AREA MG 153 - Excel for Business 3
GENERAL EDUCATION EN 121 - English Composition G1 3
GENERAL EDUCATION choice - see Requirements* 3
Semester 2 Credits
MAJOR AREA FM 117 - Introduction to Fashion Marketing 3
MAJOR AREA FM 262 - Contemporary Retail Management 3
MAJOR AREA FM 268 - Team Development Workshop 2.5
RELATED AREA TS 111 - Fundamentals of Textiles 3
GENERAL EDUCATION SS 141 - Macroeconomics G4 3
GENERAL EDUCATION choice - see Requirements* 3
Semester 3 Credits
MAJOR AREA FM 224 - Merchandising Math Applications 3
MAJOR AREA FM 244 - Product Development 3
MAJOR AREA choice - see Major Area Elective(s)*** 2.5
RELATED AREA choice - see Related Area Elective(s)** 1.5
GENERAL EDUCATION MA 222 - Statistical Analysis G2 3
GENERAL EDUCATION choice - see Requirements* 3
Semester 4 Credits
MAJOR AREA FM 225 - Fashion Merchandising 3
MAJOR AREA choice- see Major Area Elective(s)*** 3
GENERAL EDUCATION choice - see Requirements* 6
Total Credits: 64

*Fall 2017 Requirements: See below
Three (3) credits from each required General Education area, totaling 9 credits: G1, G2 (MA 222), and G3 Three (3) credits from G4 (SS 141) Nine (9) credits from three different areas in liberal arts courses in G5 - G10 Three (3) credits of any 200- or 300-level English literature or speech course
See list of Gen Ed approved courses under FIT's General Education Requirements and Courses. An FIT Gen Ed course cannot be used to meet more than one General Education area.

**Related Area Electives: 1.5 credits (minimum)
CHOICE of AC 221 Publicity Workshop (3 cr.), AR 101 Fashion Art and Design (1.5 cr.), AR 115 Introduction to CAD Software for Fashion Designers (2 cr.), DE 101 Principles of Display and Exhibit Design: Small Scale (2 cr.), HD 111 Career Planning (3 cr.), HP 201 Introduction to Home Products (3 cr.), IC 296 AAS Internship B: Career Exploration (2 cr.), IC 297 AAS Internship C: Career Exploration (3 cr.), ID 103 Interior Design Merchandising (2 cr.), JD 101 Introduction to Jewelry Fabrication (2 cr.), PH 118 Beginning Digital Photography (2 cr.), PH 162 Photographic Styling (2 cr.), or TD 112 Textile Color Fundamentals (2 cr.)

***Major Area Electives: 6 credits (minimum)
CHOICE of two: FM 144, 212, 213, 222, 223, 226, 228, 231, 245, 251, or 491
Upper Division Alternatives:
Graduates of this program are eligible to apply for admission to the Bachelor of Science programs in Fashion Business Management, Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing, Direct and Interactive Marketing, Home Products Development, International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries, and Textile Development and Marketing. By completing certain course requirements, graduates may also apply to the Bachelor of Science programs in Advertising and Marketing Communications and Technical Design.

"한국뉴욕주립대학교"의 "FIT"에 입학하기 위한 준비사항, 학비, 구비서류, 장학금 등의 모든 정보와 절차 확인을 원하시면 입학정보를 확인하세요."

This section guides you for all necessary information about admissions to FIT program."

This section guides you for all necessary information about admissions to FIT program”