3 weeks internship at WHO Collabroationg Center (**Korean)

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세계보건기구 협력지정센터에서 인턴을 모집합니다.

모집인원: 2명

근무기간: 8월2일 ~ 22일(약3주간)

인턴비용: 50만원

근무장소: 용인정신병원내 세계보건기구 협력지정센터 (경기도 용인시 기흥구 상하동 4 (446-769))

업무내용: 국제회의 지원/ 리서치 자료 번역

지원방법: 영문이력서와 커버레터를월26목요일까지 보내주시기 바랍니다.


WHO Collaborating Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Community Mental Health (WHO CC) was established in March of 2003. This center is the only one in South Korea that has been designated as collaborating center from WHO in the field of mental health. This center has been played role as a leading psychiatric hospital in Korea and a WHO CC in Western Pacific region. The projects that this center run include following:


      Development and implementation of excellent psychiatric services for severe mental illnesses

      Training and education of mental health professionals in Korea and Asian countries

      Development and dissemination of good psychosocial rehabilitation programs.

      Academic activities such as international mental health conferences and local workshops

      Management of community mental health centers and mental health facilities in many areas    

In addition to the basic projects described above, the Collaborating Center operates treatment community including very progressive daycare center for the rehabilitation of serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia. It is a space in which research and development of manuals for clinical research, international cooperation and education, and academic activities are carried out at the same time under mutual cooperation. Therefore, interns who will work at this center will be in charge of supporting clinical tasks related to mental illness patients, administrative tasks, development of mental rehabilitation program manual, and translation of data.


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