2018 SUNY Korea Year-End Party: People of the Year Awards

Announcementㅣ2018-11-08 10:23
VOTE for the 2018 SUNY Korea Year-End Party's People of the Year Awards!


The categories are as below:
- Social Butterfly Award (Most social person)
- Faculty Appreciation Award
- Honorary Korean Award (International student/staff/faculty who loves Korea the most)
- Sports Star Award (MVP)
- Sunshine Award (Most joyful person)
- Sleeping Beauty Award (The person who sleeps anytime, anywhere)
- Lovebirds Award (The best couple or friends)
- Triple Street Lover (Faculty/Staff who is seen the most at Triple Street, Hyundai Outlet, and/or Homeplus the most)

Anyone can vote, but you can only vote for one candidate for each categoryThe winners will be announced on Friday, November 30 at the 2018 Year-End Party.

Good luck to all the candidates!