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Dear all,

Let us get together to donate our blood to help others. A little kind act goes a long way!
SUNY Korea will be hosting a blood drive in coordination with the Korea Red Cross Blood Bank on November 30, on campus. All IGC students, faculty and staff members who are in good health and meet the general eligibility criteria are able to donate. 


  • - When: November 30 (Fri) from 10 am until 4:30 pm
  • - Where: SUNY Korea parking lot entrance (IGC Gate 2)
  • - Benefits:
    • > Helping others and saving lives
    • > Basic medical check-up through a blood test (result paper will be mailed later)
    • > Blood donation certificate
    • > 4 hours of volunteering work recognized 
    • > Snacks and souvenirs
  • - Eligibility: 
    • > Age: between 16 - 68 years old
    • > Weight: at least 50kg for male and 45kg for female
    • > A valid form of identification with a photo
    • > Those who have not been to overseas within a month
    • > Those who have lived in certain countries with a high risk of malaria or mad cow disease, etc, are not eligible.
    • > Please remember to eat a well-balanced meal within 2 hours of donation and be well hydrated.
    • > Please see the detail information about the eligibility criteria here (3 files) :

    • *Note: There are a lot of regulations and restrictions on foreigners for a blood drive, however, these are written in Korean only. If you're an international student/faculty/staff who's still interested in donating blood, please reach us at SUNY Korea Academic Building A208 office to get more information about it. 

    • Thank you.


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