Key Internship Opportunities

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Dear Students, 

We highlight to you a list of key internship opportunities, which are actively recruiting students. Please click the link for complete information.

1. Naver

  • Position 1. Naver D2 Startup Factory Marketing & Research Intern (Deadline: Friday, January 22) 
  • Major Tasks: D2 Startup Factory is a first domestic Corporate Accelerator
    • Contents discovery for technology startup marketing, channel analysis, contents creation support
    • Research for early technology startups and trends 
  • Position 2. Naver Search Papago Machine Learning Engineer Intern (Deadline: Sunday, February 14)
  • Major Tasks: 
    • Scientific, in-depth study of natural language processing
    • Re-implementation and improvement of the latest research in Multilingual NLP
  • Position 3. Naver Shopping Aggregation Platform Development intern (Deadline: Sunday, February 28) 
  • Major Tasks:
    • Development of e-commerce data
    • Development of e-commerce site search data 
    • Development of A.I. for e-commerce
    • Development of e-commerce site search service 
  • Position 4. Naver Video Platform Intern 
  • Major Tasks: applicants are assigned with one of the following teams/tasks:
    • LIVE cloud back-end server development 
    • VOD cloud back-end server development
    • Video hub back-end S/W engineering
    • Video data engineering
    • Mobile video live/film edit SDK development (Android) 
  • For Position 3 & 4, full-time employment can be offered upon a successful completion of the internship 

2. LINE Friends (Deadline: ASAP before Tuesday, April 6)
  • Position: Brand Design/ Multimedia Design Intern 
  • Major Tasks:
    • Participate in overall tasks necessary for video production, including product filming/editing
    • Produce videos in various formats by adding graphic elements based on the filming source
    • Create graphic assets necessary for 2D motion graphic video production
    • Performs auxiliary roles such as filming site management and filming equipment management.
3. Intel 
  • Position 1. Software Engineer Intern
    • Team: Internet of Things Group (IOTG)
    • Major Tasks: 
      • Develop Video Analytics software delivering high performing Computer Vision algorithms on Intel IoT platforms by collaborating with global Intel teams
      • Implement various applications that demonstrate the capabilities of the Computer Vision algorithms running on Intel's Deep Learning HW/SW platforms
  • Position 2. Deep Learning Engineer Intern
    • Team: Eadge.AI Team, Internet of Things Solutions Group (IOTG)
    • Major Tasks: Work with a passionate, product-focused cross international team to ideate, rapidly prototype, and ship next-generation deep learning products as a part of Intel AI programs
      • Web UX & REST API programming 
      • Domain adaptation / Knowledge transfer / Representation learning algorithm survey and implementation 
      • Computer Vision algorithm survey and implementation 
      • Deep Learning model training and deployment framework development 
      • Benchmarking with an emphasis on algorithmic performance and power efficiency
  • Position 3. Software Technical Consulting Engineer Intern
    • Team: Architecture, Graphics, and Software (IAGS)
    • Major Tasks: 
      • Create technical collateral, knowledge base articles and customer case studies. 
      • Develop, prototype, and document code samples for technical training, seminars and webinar like activities. 
      • Performance optimization of system and software issues, supporting tuning customers platform performance with using components from Intel SW tools, documenting solutions, and workarounds for distribution to internal and external customers. 
      • Work closely with the engineering team to drive our released software tools features and performance complete. 
      • Work with customer applications and build tools (Microsoft Visual Studio* etc). 
      • Solicit customer feedback proactively on our software products and technologies and ensure this feedback is understood by the appropriate teams within Intel.
4. Qualcomm 
  • Position 1: Machine Learning Research Intern
  • Major Tasks: Deep-learning researchers with interest in developing new theories and algorithms on the following areas: 
    • Speech recognition/Speaker recognition; Speech generation 
    • Multi-modal context aware; Anomaly detection 
    • Life-long learning; Few-shot learning; Unsupervised / semi-supervised / self-supervised learning; Federated learning; Meta-Learning: few-shot learning 
    • Domain adaptation / knowledge transfer; Deep generative models; Representation learning; Adversarial attacks
  • Position 2: Computer Vision and Machine Learning R&D Intern for Autonomous Driving 
  • Major Tasks: 
    • Work on perception for autonomous driving in terms of both research and development. 
    • Draft a patent and/or a paper for major conferences (ECCV, CVPR, ICCV, NeurIPS, and ICML), especially for research position
5. Bank of America 
  • Position: Global Capital Market (GCM: DCM/ECM) Intern (3months: Feb - May 2021)
  • Major Tasks: Play a supporting role in the origination and execution of work with exposure to debt, equity, and equity-linked transactions. Roles include but not limited to:
    • Prepare in-depth analysis of new issue market, general market conditions and institutional investors 
    • Perform comprehensive company and industry research   
    • Prepare client presentations and other pitching materials  
    • Participate in due diligence sessions and client meetings  
    • Prepare and assist international roadshows  
    • Assist in executing live transactions  
6. Bloomberg 
  • Position: 2021 Global Data Team Intern
  • Major Tasks: Global Data team collects, analyses, processes and publishes the data, which ultimately feed and move the financial market
    • Collect, clean and present data for analysis
    • Work with analysts to establish relationships with key market players in financial industry, provide unparalleled customer service, and inspire news content
7. Tiktok
  • Position 1. Brand Marketing Intern
  • Major Tasks:
    • Work with the marketing department to drive daily brand marketing operations;
    • Communicate with internal and external stakeholders to support marketing department's online and offline campaigns
    • Analyze data and prepare materials for campaign effectiveness
    • Monitor and analyze social media to stay up to date with the latest trends
  • Position 2. Contents Partnership Operation Intern
  • Major Tasks: 
    • Challenge events, campaign planning and business support for the Operations Department 
    • Plan and execution of events related to creators, celebrities and social media
    • Support effective campaigns through data analysis
    • Support communication and cooperation with partners
  • Position 3. Public Policy Intern
  • Major Tasks:
    • Support with managing policy programs/projects with government organizations, universities and NGO/NPOs and arranging external meetings/events
    • Regular monitoring of legislative and regulatory developments relevant to the sector 
    • Carry out research on hot topics of public policy and digital regulation 
    • Assist in the preparation of memos, summaries and other reports 
    • Assist in varied administrative tasks
  • Position 4. Korean Eco Content Operation Intern
  • Major Tasks: 
    • Monitor the quality of daily content to enhance a healthy ecology and community security
    • Evaluate content strategy and contribute on deciding content direction
    • Provide cases collection/feedback, communicating with cross-function departments (Risk Control, User Operations and product team) on Ecosystem Contents
    • Capture up-to-date trends in and out app and provide suggestions for improvement on content optimization and strategy adjustment
  • Position 5. HR Intern
  • Major Tasks:
    • Drive and proactively engage in talent acquisition activities including but not limited to sourcing, screening, engaging talents in the interview processes, and market mapping
    • Be responsible for supporting HRBP and talent recruiting team's work such as job postings, headhunter management, recruiting channels management, and on-boarding processes.
    • Managthe human resources information system (HRIS) including research, applicant tracking, workflow, communication, data, analytics, and reporting, etc.
    • Initiate new projects with HR Business Partner and stakeholders in the business and/or optimize current processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Achieve a holistic business understanding through collaborating with cross-functional and regional teams.
8. Mercedes-Benz 
  • Homologation Intern (6months)
  • Major Tasks: 
    • Certification work manual & process development
      • Work manual development for certifications(Emission, Noise, Safety & Fuel Economy) 
      • Certification process development including internal & external department
    • Certification Data management
      • Certification document management in hard copy & soft copy 
      • Certification data structuring Certification & vehicle data optimization
9. Henkel 
  • Position: Adhesive Technical Customer Service Intern (6months)
  • Major Tasks: 
    • Implement strong techniques and various strategies in order to achieve reputation and gain competitive footholds in electrical market 
    • Handle technical and application related enquiries from customers 
    • Provide technical on-site support to customers during product evaluation, qualification and troubleshooting 
    • Support new material development, data analysis and other assistance in laboratory
10. Siemens
  • Position: HR Intern
  • Major Tasks: 
    • Management of overall recruitment process and operation support 
    • Management of HR administrative duties 
    • Provide support for employer branding 
11. HyperConnect 
  • Position 1. Machine Learning Intern
  • Major Tasks: 
    • R&D, Improvement & Maintenance, Community Contribution
  • Position 2. Machine Learning Software Intern
  • Major Tasks: 
    • Competitor analysis of MLaaS API technology level and demo development 
    • Web front-end and back-end development for demo 
    • Depending on the capacity, joint work of ML Platform team (refer to ML Software Engineer JD)
  • Position 3. Business Development Inter (Azar/India)
  • Major Tasks: Global business expansion of Hyperconnect’s product portfolio. 
    • Business Development Support: Assist in initiating ideas/action plans for local market penetration to accelerate growth 
    • Digital Marketing Support: Assist local marketing strategies across all organic and paid media channels and manage creative and branding content production 
    • Localization Support: Understand user and market needs by analyzing behavior patterns and market research; conducting quantitative and qualitative research and pull the insights into action items 
    • Data Analysis Support: Conduct in-depth data analysis to diagnose and recommend action items 
    • Partnership Support: Manage local contacts and communicate with local marketing agencies 
    • Product Insight Support: Monitor competitors and develop ideas for product feature changes
  • Position 4. Business Development Intern (Enterprise)
  • Major Tasks: 
    • Help companies accelerate business with Hyperconnect's state-of-the-art video communications technology
    • Provide hands-on expertise in service operation through the successful business management of Azar and Hakuna
12.  IQVIA 
13. ByteDance 
  • Position: HRBP Intern (6months)
  • Major Tasks: 
    • Drive and proactively engage in talent acquisition activities including but not limited to sourcing, screening, engaging talents in the interview processes, and market mapping. 
    • Be responsible for supporting HRBP and talent recruiting team's work such as job postings, headhunter management, recruiting channels management, and on-boarding processes. 
    • Managing the human resources information system (HRIS) including research, applicant tracking, workflow, communication, data, analytics, and reporting, etc. 
    • Initiate new projects with HR Business Partner and stakeholders in the business and/or optimize current processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 
    • Achieve a holistic business understanding through collaborating with cross-functional and regional team
  • Position: Marketing Intern
  • Major Tasks: 
    • Implement and execute performance marketing campaigns; and report performance marketing results 
    • Plan, analyze, track, report on and optimize for marketing campaign effectiveness to understand and improve key customer engagement and acquisition metrics 
    • Identify improvement opportunities in paid channel growth and efficiency, e.g. account build-out, audience targeting on all platforms (web, mobile), through performing tests, aligning with other relevant channel owners, e.g. SEO, content and detailing out needs for additional tools (3rd party or in-house) 
    • Manage the execution of day to day campaign implementations and optimizations, leveraging support of agencies where applicable 
    • Drive innovative strategies to scale and automate Klook’s marketing campaigns 
    • Develop a strong culture of rapid experimentation, measurement, and iteration 
    • Identify best practices and develop playbooks to drive a consistent best-in-class experience across all channels
15. SCOR
  • Position: Finance Intern (5months: Feb - Jun 2021)
  • Major Tasks: SCOR is a leading global reinsurer, executing an underwriting policy focused on profitability
    • Assist the processing of the non-technical items including journal postings and maintenance of the general ledger 
    • Assist the internal expense close process within the scheduled timeline 
    • Assist the vendor payments and cash management Support IFRS closing Support the tax filing related
16. Macquarie
  • Position: Intern (6months: Feb - Aug 2021)
  • Team: Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets division focusing specifically on the Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund series (MKIF)
  • Major Tasks: 
    • Engage in various facets of a private equity fund, including the review and execution of investment opportunities, financial analysis and modelling, and preparation of presentation materials
    • Support the acquisition activities of the business, assisting with operational and portfolio management work.
Sit side-by-side with business leaders, learn on the job, and make a difference by working on critical projects
17. Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG)
  • Position: Client Solutions Intern
  • Major Tasks: GLG is the world’s knowledge marketplace
    • Conduct industry research and reach out to professionals and experts best suited to participate in each project through telephone, emails and other channels
    • Grow the GLG Councils by recruiting key opinion leaders utilizing a strategic/tactical methodology, using recruiting campaigns, leveraging industry and professional lists, trade and business associations, referrals and other relationships 
    • Interview prospective industry leaders as needed and capture critical data in GLG’s extensive profile management systems 
    • Work on other projects associated with building the GLG Council Network in SEA

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We highly encourage all interested students to apply and obtain a practical internship in 2021

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