[Career Center] 1월4주차 인턴십 및 공모전 Key Internship & Contest Opportunities

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Dear Students, 

SUNY Korea Career Development Center (SUNY Korea CDC) highlights to you a list of noteworthy contest and internship opportunities, which are actively recruiting applicants and students. For complete contest information, click open the PDF summary attached.  

1. [Ringle] The First Ringle Global Growth Strategy / Service Planning Competition (D-9)
2. [Ministry of Strategy and Finance] Idea Contest for the New Deal Project (D-32)
3. [DeviceMart] 2021 ICT Convergence Project (D-63)
  • Contest Topic: Choose freely from the themes of Electronics, Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Machinery 
  • Contest Deadline: Wednesday, March 31
  • Link 3. ICT Convergence Project
4. [Human Resources Development Service of Korea] HR Development Conference Un+Contact Idea Contest (D-23)
5. Idea Hackathon Competition for Using Household Waste Data and A.I. (D-18)
6. [Schneider Electric] Go Green 2021 (D-39)
  • Contest Topic: Access to Energy, Homes of the Future, Plants for the Future, Grids of the Future, De[coding] the Future
  • Contest Deadline: Sunday, March 7
  • Link 6. Schneider

7. [City of Hanam] Smart City Idea Contest (D-23)

8. [Seoul City Hall: Youth Office] Idea Contest for 1,000 Youth Jobs (D-5)
9. [Asics] 3rd A-Squad (D-4)
10. LG CNS 3rd A.I. Genius College Student Editor Recruitment - Video and Webtoon Production (D-12)

Key Internships:

1. [LG Silicon Works] Intern (D-5)

2. [NAVER Webtoon] A.I. Project Research Engineer Intern (D-12)
3. [Korea Center for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (WISET)] - Intern (D-8)
4. [National Geographic] Marketing Intern (D-52)
5. [Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade (KIET)] 2021 First Youth Intern (D-8)
  • 2 Hiring Departments: Research, Administration
  • Deadline: Thursday, February 4
  • Link 5. KIET
6. [Korea Institute for Startup and Entrepreneurship Development] 2021 First Youth Intern (D-12)
7. [SK Gas] Intern (D-6)
  • 7 Hiring Departments: LPG Sales Platform, Trading Operation, Research Lab, Business Development (Power Generation/ Infrastructure), Business Development (LNG), Management, HR 
  • Deadline: Tuesday, February 2
  • Link 7. SK Gas
8. [LS Electric] Global Internship (D-6)
9. [Daelim Construction] Intern (D-4)
  • 8 Hiring Departments: Construction, Equipment, Electrical, Civil, Landscape, Safety, Accounting/Finance, Legal
  • Deadline: Sunday, January 31
  • Link 9. Daelim Construction
10. [FastCampus] Marketing Designer Intern (D-12)
  • 2 Hiring Departments: Video Design and Contents Marketing
  • Deadline: Monday, February 8
  • Link 10. FastCampus
11. [ZARA] Communication & Corporate E-Commerce Intern (D-3)
12. [Kolon - Lucky Chouette] Design Intern (ASAP)

Again, vacation is a great time to apply for contests & internships and receive help on your professional applications. 
For resume and cover letter support, interview preparation and career counseling, please book an appointment with SUNY Korea CDC via. (Zoom Meeting available). 
We highly encourage all interested students to apply and obtain practical professional experiences in 2021

Please take time to follow us on Instagram @sunykoreacdc
With proper research and preparation, CDC is certain that all of our SUNY Korea students will ace any opportunity coming your way. 



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