[Career Center] 3월1주차 인턴십 및 공모전 Key Internship & Contest Opportunities

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Dear Students, 

We highlight to you a list of noteworthy internship and contest opportunities, which are actively recruiting applicants and students. For complete contest information, click open the PDF summary attached.  

Key Internships (English Descriptions Available):


1. [ASE KOREA] Engineering Intern * NEW *

2. [TikTok ByteDance] Korean Eco/ Communications / User Operation / Content / Policy Intern 5 positions available * NEW *
3. [Dassault Systems] CRE Marketing 
4. [Willis Towers Watson] Data Service Intern * NEW *
5. [ThermoFisher Scientific] Field Consultant, Digital Science (Software / LIMS) Intern 
6. [Environmental Resources Management (ERM)] Energy & Climate Change Intern 

7. [Standard Chartered] 2021 International Graduate Programme & Internship

8. [Prada Korea] Store Operations Intern 

9. [Shopee Korea] Cross Border Korea Seller Acquisition Team Intern 

Key Internships:

1. [Innocean Worldwide] Finance Intern

2. [Chosun Media] Management Support Intern * NEW *

3. [N Tech Service (NAVER affiliate)] SW Development Intern (with a chance for a full-time employment) 

4. [CoffeeBean] Management Intern * NEW *

5. [SPC] Global Recruitment / Intern 

6. [Samchully] Gas Technology Intern (with a chance for a full-time employment)  * NEW *

7. [Corning] Engineer Intern (with a chance for a full-time employment)

8. [National Intelligence Service Korea (NIS)] Intern (with a chance for a full-time employment) 

9. [Doosan] Intern for all areas (with a chance for a full-time employment)  * NEW *

10. [SAMYANG] Sales / Promotion / Finance / Marketing Intern (with a chance for a full-time employment) * NEW *

11. [Doosan E&C] Construction / Finance / Sales Intern  (with a chance for a full-time employment) * NEW *

12. [POSCO] Sales Intern (with a chance for a full-time employment)  * NEW *

13. [Backpacker] ID.US Marketing/ Design/ HR/ Seller Store Intern - 4 positions available 

14. [Kakao Enterprise] Technical Writer Intern 

15. [ABLY] Youtube Design & Manufacturing Intern * NEW *

16. [SIEMENS] IT Infrastructure / Regulatory Affairs / SI Project Manager Intern * NEW *

17. [SK Chemical] HR Intern 

18. [Hansoll Textile] Design Intern 


1. [HRDS Korea + ETS Korea + YBM + TOEIC Speaking] English Speaking Contest  *CDC Recommends*

2. [Schneider Electric] Go Green 2021 

3. [United Nations] Contents Contest

4. [KT] Young Futurist 

5. [Daejeon O-World] Management Innovation Idea Contest 

6. [Gyeonggi-do] New Proposal Contest 

7. [Korea Foundation] 2021 Public Diplomacy Project 

8. [Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy] Engineering Contest 

9. [DeviceMart] 2021 ICT Convergence Project

  • Contest Topic: Choose freely from the themes of Electronics, Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Machinery 
  • Contest Deadline: Wednesday, March 31
  • Link: ICT Convergence Project

10. [K-Eyewear] 2021 Design Awards 

11. [Patent Office] Life Invention Idea Contest 

12. [Korea Textile Trade Association] 3D Creative Design Competition * NEW *

13. [Korea Packaging Center] 2021 Student Packaging Contest 

14. [ManTech] Open Infra Development Competition * NEW *

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