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FIT turns 75 And We’re celebrating!

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Celebrating FIT's 75th Anniversary

In 1944, visionaries Max Meyer and Dr. Mortimer C. Ritter founded FIT, the first college devoted to the apparel industry. This year, the college marks its 75th anniversary—and we’re celebrating! From the beginning, the college’s pioneering curriculum has shaped the brightest talents in the creative industries. For a little history and a lot of nostalgic fun, visit to celebrate together. On this special commemorative website, take a look back at where we’ve been and get a glimpse into the future.

◎ The FIT historical timeline, illustrated with remarkable photos taken throughout the decades

◎ "Sharing Memories," snapshots and reminiscences submitted by alumni and faculty

◎ One-minute video stories that encapsulate today's FIT

◎ Selection of branded merchandise

◎ complete visual identity system, including snappy motion graphics, designed by students under faculty supervision.

FIT Seventy-Fifth Anniversary:

FIT Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Videos:

FIT Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Timeline:


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