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[Online Exhibition] 2020 Illustration MFA Visual Thesis Exhibition

FIT Home Campusㅣ2020-06-24 09:10

The School of Graduate Studies presents the 2020 Illustration MFA Visual Thesis Exhibition, Jacaranda, as an online exhibition hosted by the Society of Illustrators.

The 2020 MFA in Illustration candidates have spent the past three years of graduate study supporting, challenging, and encouraging each other through remarkable and extraordinary circumstances. As individuals they are talented, dedicated artists. As a group they are unbreakable. In their online exhibition on the Society of Illustrators website you’ll see nine projects exploring narratives with themes of personal analysis, cultural history, science, reportage, and fantasy. Viewed together, the work is a powerful unified artistic expression.

The Jacaranda tree is a symbol of the cohort’s trip to California. It is a fitting commemoration of their shared growth and their sturdy, enduring bond. We are proud to present this work that represents the culmination of three years of academic study and professional development for the class of 2020.

The MFA in Illustration at FIT is a three-year program designed to provide opportunities to develop a creative voice and refine technical skills. All aspects of the illustration field are explored. Students complete a qualifying academic paper that focuses on a specific element of illustration history, criticism, or cultural impact. The program culminates with a visual thesis, initiated by the student, which synthesizes all elements of the program.

Source: FIT Newsroom


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