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#3 Sanju from Sri Lanka

History makersㅣ2018-03-13 10:26

"Four years ago, I came to Korea without knowing anyone, as a stranger. But through those years, I met so many great friends whom I share precious memories… they became my family."

Sanju Rukshan, Class of 2017, graduated from the Technological Systems Management program at SUNY Korea. Sanju said he would have never experienced the things he had if he didn't come to SUNY Korea. After the graduation, Sanju started working at an IT company as an engineer, and he built an excellent reputation for being hard-working, responsible and considerate. 

Sanju, who valued cultural experiences, music, nature, friends, and family, became the third interviewee for SUNY Korea's Alumni series, History Makers. 

(Interview Context) 

My name is Sanju Rukshan, I come from Sri Lanka, and I'm a proud graduate of SUNY Korea. 

Q: What do you do now? 

Currently, I work at a software development company called "Monitoring 6", as a software engineer. We offer a wide spectrum of services, from embedded systems, IoT devices to Cloud monitoring systems. And we are a sister company of SUDO Premium Engineering. 

Q: How did SUNY Korea help you with the work you do now?  

Yes. SUNY Korea helped me a lot in what I am doing right now. Especially, it helped me to find my passion. For example, for the Year-End project at SUNY Korea, I selected to develop a Vertical Garden in Lead-Lab. Through that, I started going more into the IoT technology, and I got to know and become familiar with the software development side of it.  SUNY Korea taught me how to be a fighter, to work hard at something, to be patient, and also to be persistent.

Q: What would have happened if you didn't come to SUNY Korea?  

I would have never had such a global experience in doing various kinds of activities. I did volunteering activities, played basketball, and also got to know different languages as well… I became better at Korean and English. 

Q: Comments for university students who are preparing for a career  

Make most out of it. Part of me thinks that I should have done more things during my university years. Now, because I'm a worker, I have to go to work every day. I cannot skip work. So, enjoy, as well as make many friends and participate in many activities, not only studies. Participating in different activities will give you an idea of how other things will work. And also, be good at study. Putting on efforts are important as well. 

Q. SUNY Korea is… 

One Word? Hmm…

I wrote SUNY Korea is [family]. Because four years ago, I came to Korea without knowing anyone, as a stranger. But throughout these four years, I met so many friends, whom I shared so many precious moments, and they became brothers and sisters to me. And I met some professors whom I learned a lot from, and they also became my parents. I think SUNY Korea is like a big and high functioning community, which I always feel like I will belong. 

So, SUNY Korea is [family]. 

Editor: Hyunji Lee "Angie" (SUNY Korea PR Team)


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