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#4 Vasundhara from India

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“The problems confronting the humankind are so complex and sometimes scary… and we, as young graduates, don’t know how to start or what to do about it. My goal is to keep taking positive actions and some steps in the direction I believe to be right and to not give in to the negativity.”

Vasundhara Dehiya graduated from SUNY Korea with a master’s degree in Computer Science.After the graduation, she started working at a startup company called ‘Who’s Good’ as a data analyst. Vasundhara said her goal is to contribute to the betterment of society and that she wants to always take steps towards in making positive actions. 

Vasundhara, who is always taking a foot step forward to make this world a better place, became the fourth interviewee for SUNY Korea’s Alumni interview series, History Makers. 

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(Interview Context) 

I’m Vasundhara Dehiya, and I’m from India. I am a Seawolf and a History Maker, and I graduated from SUNY Korea with my master’s in Computer Science. Before that, I did my bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering from New Delhi, India. 

Q. How did you find out about SUNY Korea?

I met SUNY Korea’s Ambassadors when they were visiting India, and they introduced me to SUNY Korea. I was lucky enough to find really amazing professors in the CS department. I met an extremely talented group of professors who were even more passionate about research than me. I learned from them, I learned with them, and I credit them for my success now. 

Q. What do you do now? 

I work as a data analyst at a startup company called ‘Who’s Good.’ We provide ESG based corporate risk analysis using AI (Artificial Intelligence). Our goal is to support sustainable business practices to improve our world. My role is to develop the algorithms and AI tools to achieve this goal.

Q. What is your future goal? 

My future and also current goal is to always contribute to make the world a better place. If you think about today’s world, the problems facing humankind are so complex and sometimes even scary. And we, as young graduates don’t really know how to start or what to do about it. So, my goal is to keep taking positive actions and some steps in this direction and to not give in to the negativity. 

Q. How did SUNY Korea help you to be who you are now? 

SUNY Korea provided me an ideal balance between mentorship and freedom. Mentors I met at SUNY Korea enabled me to find my passion in life and led me to identify my true self both personally and professionally. 

Q. Suggestions for students

My only suggestion would be that you should dare to believe in your dream. You may fail, it may seem hard at times, but someday it will all come together. So, you shouldn’t be afraid.

Q. SUNY Korea is …

SUNY Korea, to me, is [Freedom]. Freedom from self-doubt, freedom to believe, freedom to not give up and keep persevering.

So, SUNY Korea is [freedom]. 

Editor: Hyunji Lee "Angie" (SUNY Korea PR Team)


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