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#5 Seung Yeon from Korea

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“I know that right at the moment, things at school could be seen as a waste of time or not the best way to spend your time, but I can guarantee that it will become a very big asset in the future.”

Seung Yeon Lee, who graduated in 2017 Fall with a major in Technological Systems Management, always loved to learn and study. Right after graduation, she began a new journey as a graduate student at Seoul National University continuing her study in the field of Technology Management, Economy, and Policy. Seung Yeon said she would like to proceed with her studies into the Ph.D. program after completing her Master’s. And her ultimate goal is to become a professor or researcher. She also added that if she gets a chance, she would like to come back to SUNY Korea and teach as an alumna. 

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(Interview Context) 

Hi, my name is Seung Yeon Lee, and I graduated in 2017 Fall. I majored in Technological Systems Management with a specialization in ICT. 

Q. What do you do now?

I’m currently enrolling in Seoul National University’s master’s program called ‘Technology Management, Economy, and Policy Program.’ 

It’s a very similar subject to Technological Systems Management, but we more specialized in the economics and policy area, along with the management of technology.

Q. How did SUNY Korea help you?

SUNY Korea helped me in three ways. Number one is the lecture. Number two is all the programs, career programs. And number three are professors that helped me through. 

As I said before, classes are what kind of drove me to find my real interest area and find what I was really passionate about. While more career programs are really lead me to finding what I actually have to do in order to achieve my dream. 

And professors became very good mentors in looking at my interest areas and suggesting new ideas for research. 

They also listened very attentively to all of my concerns and my questions. That was a very big part of SUNY Korea that kind of lead me to find my passion. 

Q. Comments for other students

First of all, you need to make sure that you are taking full advantage of the school because that’s sort of how I created my passion and I decided on what path I should take in the future.

I know that right at the moment, it can be seen as a waste of time or not the best way to spend your time, but I can guarantee that it will become a very big asset in the future.

So, if there’s anyone who is a little bit afraid of the fact that you are from a very small or new community, don’t be afraid and try to show what you have achieved in that community because that’s what matters.

Q. What is your future plan?

I’m planning on successfully completing my master’s program and proceeding into Ph.D. as well. I ultimately want to become a researcher or professor in this field and continue studying and researching the topics that are relevant to the world.

Q. SUNY Korea is…

I wrote ‘SUNY Korea is a platform to build your potential on’ because to me SUNY Korea is where I could experiment with my abilities, my talents, and my potential and create what is really me.

So, SUNY Korea is ‘SUNY Korea is a platform to build your potential on’

Editor: Hyunji "Angie" Lee (SUNY Korea PR Team)


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