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# 11 Interview of Sang Hoon Kwak, a FBM graduate

History makersㅣ2021-08-05 17:30

[SUNY Korea Graduates on Various Career Journeys #1- Sang Hoon Kwak] 

Founded in 1944 in Manhattan, Fashion Institute of Technology is one of the first-rate fashion schools world-wide. Since 2017, SUNY Korea FIT has provided the exact same signature curricula of the world-class FIT programs, leading to the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree.


Featuring state-of-the art facilities, SUNY Korea FIT prepares students to become not only designers with their own creative vision, but professionals prepared to take their places in all sorts of industries.


Are you curious to find out what SUNY Korea FIT graduates are up to after graduation?

Below is the story of Sang Hoon Kwak, a FBM graduate who is currently working as a fashion merchandiser for tren:be. 


Interview Questions:


1) Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello! My name is Sang Hoon Kwak. In 2017, I majored in FBM and graduated early in December 2020. Currently, I work as a Fashion Merchandiser for tren:be, a global online luxury platform company.


2) What is your current job responsibility? Tell me about your career path after graduation.

As an online merchandiser, I am responsible for selecting specific products or brands and conducting a special exhibition, planning and managing monthly events on the tren:be website. Most importantly these days, I’m taking part in one of the biggest parts of the company, the ‘Summer Sale’ event. In addition, I am responsible for everyday fashion trend analysis, even sometimes B2B sales and design planning. Maybe it will be easier to say merchandisers do all kinds of things related to the business.

Unfortunately, I had to graduate in Korea due to COVID-19.  Unlike my friends, I always wanted to experience and work in Korea; therefore, this pandemic was my opportunity to prepare for certificates for a longer period than others in Korea before graduation. In particular, I used the time wisely to prepare things that are essential for Korean companies such as studying for MOS certificates and the OPIC test in advance. Turning the crisis into opportunity and moving faster than others seems to have helped me adapt to society and move forward even in the pandemic era.


3) What is the most memorable experience/achievement you had as an undergraduate student at SUNY Korea FIT?

The most memorable achievement that I had was the first SUNY Korea FIT fashion show with our fashion show club, called ‘+82 Threads’. In ‘+82 Threads’, I was a secretary who mostly supported the president of the club and inspired him sometimes. Since I used to DJ music, I had a chance to direct the entire music of the fashion show. It was such a special memory to all of the FIT students who participated, since we could plan the show by ourselves at the first SUNY Korea FIT fashion show.


4) How do you think the SUNY Korea FIT program shaped you as the person you are right now?

First of all, the SUNY Korea FIT program helps students to find their dreams as fashion experts and also develop practical knowledge and skills through detailed courses related to fashion, with great professors who are in the real fashion industry. However, more importantly, through the program you can learn "how to manage time by yourself." From the first year, I learned how to manage voluntary learning patterns and daily life efficiently through programs that require dorm life, and I received a lot of help when I studied in New York after two years. In addition, I think the SUNY Korea FIT program helped me a lot not only to study abroad but also to become an office worker who lives a planned and diligent life in the future.


5) Do you have any tips for FIT students who are looking for job opportunities?

I think many graduates and job seekers are having a harder time than anyone else due to COVID-19. However, as I have been through these times as well and overcame them, I could find the one conclusion that I can tell you today. Please be patient about getting a job. Your time will come eventually. If you are too impatient, nothing will be done and only anxiety will grow. I felt most desperately while preparing for employment that each person has the right "time." Maybe it's today for him, while it's tomorrow for the other guy, and finally next will be you. So if we work hard in everything we're given, the chance will come to you by itself. And you'll have to know how to catch it without hesitation. Sometimes when opportunities come, there are too many people who hesitate and miss them, but this is a really important opportunity in your life or maybe this could be your last chance of your life. Do not give up easily; if you give up by making excuses, then your reputation will also fall. Try your best at every moment.

Lastly, I believe that having one of your unique ideas or a skill set is really helpful to appeal to the company or the employer. Therefore, if you have time before graduation, start now to prepare for certification or foreign languages and so on. That will change your career. I truly believe that the time you spend studying for yourself before graduation will not betray you in the future. I will always support you! Hope to see you one day in the fashion industry. Thank You. Stay safe!



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