FIT- Math Adjunct Faculty Position

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FIT- Math Adjunct Faculty Position


Thank you for considering SUNY Korea - FIT in your search.


About SUNY Korea-FIT:

SUNY Korea was established by the Korean Government as the first American university in Korea with undergraduate and graduate degree programs. To provide the same quality of education under the State University of New York system, all programs are identical to Stony Brook University (SBU) and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is an internationally renowned college of art, design, business and technology with a strong emphasis on liberal arts. SUNY Korea-FIT invites applications for an adjunct teaching position for its mathematics courses.

Job Description:

SUNY Korea-FIT is recruiting applicants for possible adjunct teaching position to teach one or more of the mathematics courses below. There are two courses/sections available for teaching per semester. All courses will be taught in English:

MA 222 — Statistical Analysis (2 sections in Spring, Required for FBM)

3 credits; 2 lecture and 2 lab hours

Studies the principles and methods of statistical analysis including probability distributions, sampling distributions, error of estimate, significance tests, correlation and regression, chi-square, and ANOVA. Introduces the use of the computer to store, manipulate, and analyze data. (G2: Mathematics) 

MA 142 — Geometry and the Art of Design (1 section in Fall, for FD)

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

A contemporary primer of geometric topics that expand the concepts of shape and space, this course presents some of the established and emerging ways geometry can provide tools and insights for artists and designers. Included are a variety of visual phenomena such as fractals, knots, mazes, symmetry, and the golden ratio. (G2: Mathematics)

Other possible course options instead of MA142:


MA 161 — Mathematical Ideas

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Provides an overview of the historic, heuristic, and visual dimensions of mathematics. Includes the golden ratio, fractal geometry, sets and groups, logic and circuits, Euler diagrams, number theory, and discrete math. (G2: Mathematics)

MA 213 — Quantitative Methods

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Explores the mathematical model-building process in the settings provided by linear programming and probability. Includes simplex methods for solving linear programs; duality; matrix algebra; probability models based on equally likely outcomes, independent events, and conditional probability; applications, particularly to business and economics; and elementary math of finance. (G2: Mathematics)

Developmental Math course for students who fail to show arithmetic proficiency:


MA 080 — Basic Mathematics (1 section in Fall, for both FD & FBM)


4 credits; 4 lecture hours

Either in a lecture or computer-based format, this basic mathematics course emphasizes applications. The course reviews such topics as fractions, percent, decimals, ratios, proportions, rounding, estimating, measurement systems, linear equations and inequalities, and systems of linear equations. This course satisfies the Mathematics Proficiency requirement. It is an alternate to MA 081 Mathematical Literacy.

Prerequisite(s): SAT scores of 530 or above will not require this course. ACT scores of 23 and above will not require this course.

The successful candidate will have:

  1. ·   - At least a Master's Degree, as well as thirty (30) additional and appropriate graduate credits and/or evidence of scholarly achievement, professional activities and teaching experience

·   - Fluent English skills because SUNY Korea is an English-speaking institution

·   - At least one year (two semesters) of college level teaching experience in English

·   - Effective teaching skills and communication skills

·   - Ability to work collaboratively with students and colleagues

To Apply:

Please submit the below documents in English via email at

- Cover Letter (PDF format)

- Curriculum Vitae (PDF format)

- The names and contact information for two professional references.

- Official University Transcripts will be requested at time of hire.

If you have any inquiries, please call at 032-626-1126. 

Application Due:


Thursday, October 31st, 2019



Thank you!



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