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  Job Opening


Number of Employees

Job Description

SBU Academic Team

(Coordinator for Faculty of Sciences & Humanities, Library)


Please refer to the attached job description.

SBU Academic Team

(Coordinator for Computer Science Department)


Please refer to the attached job description.

Recruitment Schedule




Result Announcement


Application Review

May 27 – June 9

Apply from SUNY Korea website

June 11

Individual email will be sent out to those who pass onto the next round.

1st Round of Interviews

June 14 – June 17

Interview / Personality-Aptitude Test / Writing Test

June 22

2nd Round of Interviews

June 23 –

June 25

Final Interviews

June 29

*The schedule is subject to change.


Minimum Qualifications

  1) Bachelor’s degree

  2) Fluent Communication and Documentation skills in English and Korean

  3) Knowledge of acceptable advising techniques for a diverse student body

  4) Understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

   *For details on qualifications, required skills, knowledge and abilities, please refer to the job descriptions.



  1) One year contract and renewable with satisfactory performance

  2) Contract conversion/extension to be determined based on job performance/competency

 3) Salary may vary based on applicant's career and SUNY Korea salary regulation

   (Four basic insurance included)


Application Method
     : Submission of job application form from SUNY Korea website.

Application Materials

  1) Job application form

  2) Resume and Cover Letter, both in English and Korean (4 documents in total)

  3) Certificate of career (if applicable, please include your document with your resume)

4) Educational background information (including high school info), and GPA must be

   included in your resume



   1) Submitted documents and other information will not be returned.

   2) Disqualification may occur as a result of the followings:

     - Falsity / Crucial mistakes on documentation

   - Deadline miss

   - Out of contact

   - Late arrival

 3) Preferential treatment is given to those eligible for employment support pursuant to the

   “Act on the Honorable Treatment of and Support for Persons, etc. of Distinguished Service

   to the State,” and “Act on the Employment Promotion and Vocational Rehabilitation of

    Persons with Disabilities.”

   4) The University may not hire new employees, if there are no strong candidates.


Contact for Inquiries

    Human Resources & Operations Team, (032-626-1144)



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