Part-time/Full-time Lecturer Pool - Faculty of Sciences and Humanities

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Part-time/Full-time Lecturer Pool - Faculty of Sciences and Humanities


SUNY Korea is recruiting faculty members in the Faculty of Sciences and Humanities(FSH) for the following positions throughout the year:

Teaching Full/Associate/Assistant Professor(Full-Time) and Adjunct Professor(Part-Time)


SUNY Korea is the first American university in Korea established in 2012. SUNY Korea is offering seven Undergraduate and four Graduate degree programs; Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Technological Systems Management, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and Business Management through Stony Brook University (SBU), and Fashion Design and Fashion Business Management through Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

In order to fulfill their graduation requirements, SUNY Korea students are required to take various General Education courses in addition to their major courses. Thus, Faculty of Sciences and Humanities(FSH) is recruiting instructors(Full-time/Part-time) who can teach various General Education courses such as; Politics, Economics, Sociology, Women's Studies, History, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Weather and Climate, Music, Film, English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish.


The successful candidate will have:

l  Master or Ph.D. degrees in one of the following areas: Politics/Economics/Sociology/Women's Studies/History/Mathematics/Physics/Biology/Chemistry/Weather and Climate/Music/Film/English/Korean/Chinese/Japanese/Italian/French/Spanish

l  Fluent English skills because SUNY Korea is an English-speaking institution

l  At least one year(two semesters)’s experience in teaching a regular course in English at a college or a university

l  Effective teaching skills and communication skills

l  Ability to work collaboratively with students and colleagues


To Apply

Please submit your Cover Letter and CV(Curriculum Vitae) in English via email at

If you have any inquiries, please call at 032-626-1126.


Application Due

We are accepting applications throughout the year



Thank you!