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[Edu Donga] Overseas Korean Journalists Conference

Press Releaseㅣ2018-04-25 16:22

On April 12th, SUNY Korea successfully held the Overseas Korean Journalists Conference. 

This event was held by the 17th Overseas Korean Journalists Conference with about 60 people who are the owner, editor, or reporter of Korean medias abroad from 20 countries including America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

The program lasted an hour, as the following schedule: First, President Kim made the opening remarks, then Admissions team of SUNY Korea introduced SUNY Korea’s programs, including Stony Brook and FIT. And lastly, one of SUNY Korea students gave a speech regarding her campus life.

Ickhwan Yuh, Secretary General of the Overseas Korean Journalist Association, said: “I am very pleased to visit SUNY Korea which is located in Songdo”. He added, “SUNY Korea will be an alternative for students who live abroad and are considering studying abroad, not in America or Europe, but in Korea."

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Source: Edu Donga / Apr 13, 2018