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What's next after 'maximalism' in fashion trends?

Press Releaseㅣ2019-04-24 10:35

To understand "maximalism" within the "fashion trend," chronological order and flow, it is important to know the accurate differences between "fad," "fashion," "classic" and "culture." 

"Fad" defines a temporary ― typically around a year ― syndrome or popularity among people but it frequently changes tack. For example, a popular drama's characters' clothes may sweep up fans for a while, but it ends when the drama does. 

"Fashion" lasts longer, with at least several years of consistency, and is adopted by the most people. Although its specific styles may change, it evolves simultaneously. 

"Classic" items don't feel particularly fashionable because designs are traditional or formalized. Therefore, if "fashion" and "classic" are accepted by the majority and increase in duration, transferring through generations, it eventually becomes "culture." 

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Source: The Korea Times / April 20, 2018



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