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Press Releaseㅣ2019-06-19 13:35

"Storytelling" is a combination of "story" and "telling," and we persuasively convey what we want to tell others with fun and vivid tales. 

Modern society is in an era of convergence and the need for storytelling where there is a convergence of two data types ― emotional stories and information ― is required. 

People have used different formats to communicate what they want to talk about, such as writing, painting, fairy tales, cartoons and movies. But with the rapid development of digital media technology, information-oriented storytelling has emerged and has been utilized in various areas of society, including the fashion and beauty industry, beyond the cultural content sector.

Therefore, it has been common to see the detailed information of the product focusing on the textile, design and utility rather than the individual's personalized story within the brand. However, 2.6 billion people globally are connected with friends and social peers to catch up on current issues and ― perhaps most importantly ― to entertain themselves. It is a social norm for the young generation to be globally connected with the brands and businesses at all times. 

Now it is essential to develop customer networks through digital storytelling to give a clear awareness of the brand's identity. I would like to recommend effective ways to develop digital storytelling for fashion and beauty brands.

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Source: The Korea Times

Date: June 15, 2019



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