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SUNY Korea provides career education to middle schoolers

Press Releaseㅣ2019-11-08 11:22

One hundred and thirty students from Incheon Seochang Middle School attended lectures on ethics and career development given by faculty of the State University of New York (SUNY) Korea, Tuesday.

The lectures were part of the university's regular career education program for middle school students in the area as a part of its community service.

The university, located on the Songdo Global University Campus, Incheon, has been providing the program once a month, and around 12,000 students from 40 schools have participated since April 2018.

Under the theme of "Focus on yourself, and live in harmony with your neighbors," Prof. Lee Johng-ihl, dean of the strategic planning and relations department of SUNY Korea, gave a lecture to 135 freshmen of Seochang Middle School on the university's campus.

"I believe career education is more important to middle school students than high schoolers, as middle school is the time when children usually begin to reflect on themselves," Lee said.

"The lecture is not about giving practical tips on which jobs they have to choose. Instead, we hope to help them find motivation for being someone, doing something in the future."

With SUNY Korea's core value, "Live for others," the lecture was focused on how to manage their attitudes and politeness.

"I was impressed by prof. Lee's advice to maintain my manners under any circumstances, because no one likes a spoiled person even if he or she gives a great performance in studying or sports," said Hong Da-yeon, a student who attended the lecture.

"I knew almost nothing about SUNY Korea, but while listening to the lecture and looking around the school, I became interested in the university," another student, Kang Min-woo, said.

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Date: November 5, 2019

Source: The Korea Times