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Yoojin Whang, SUNY Korea freshman, introduced in the TV show

Press Releaseㅣ2020-03-03 09:53

Yoojin Whang, a student who was admitted to the Department of Business Management at SUNY Korea, appeared on the TV show called “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” on Wednesday, February 26.

Yoojin became a dining companion of actress Hyeyoon Kim and entertainer Hodong Kang on the show. When the two looked at Yoojin’s room filled with college applications, they found it amazing. Yoojin said, “I was accepted to the State University of New York in Songdo,” and further explained that she will enter the dormitory in February.

Yoojin has never lived abroad , but she demonstrated a fluency in English that surprised everyone. When asked if she had read native English texts, Yoojin answered, “I have read English books since I was young.” Sometimes, she said English is more comfortable than Korean. “I used to go to international schools when I was young,” she said. “There were times when I got confused about my identity.”

There was a U.S. university ranking table in Yoojin’s room. The State University of New York, where Yoojin was admitted, is also listed among the top 100.

Yoojin’s parents said, “Speaking a different language creates more opportunities to expand one’s perspective and experience as time goes on. I think the more you know a language, the better life you live.”


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