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[IGC Journal] Let Your Dreams Take Flight at SUNY Korea

Press Releaseㅣ2020-05-08 16:37

For those just starting at SUNY Korea, here are some tips from a student who has taken advantage of the best of what this university has to offer in terms of getting students ready for a new tomorrow. Meet Stephanie Wenhui Jin (Technological Systems Management, SUNY Korea) and check out her campus experiences.

New Challenges, Far from Home

Back in China, Stephanie was a student who dreamed of studying abroad. It was during her search for international universities that she first came across SUNY Korea. The idea of a ‘joint campus for prestigious global universities’ was something that really appealed to her. She could not think of any other opportunities that would allow her to study with students from all over the world and share different cultures and languages. There was another perk that became a trigger for her decision: the affordability of studying in Korea rather than in Europe or the U.S. as an international student. Also, Stephanie found it comforting to know that Korea was geographically and culturally closer to home. Before her first encounter with IGC, SUNY Korea was a strange, unfamiliar name, but its irresistible benefits led Stephanie to take on the new challenges that lay ahead.

Advanced Education and a Year of Intensive Focus on Her Dream

For Stephanie, the best thing she encountered at SUNY Korea was its advanced curriculum. SUNY Korea offers the same curriculum found on its New York campus of Stony Brook University. As remarkable as her entire four years have been, the year spent on the New York campus has proven to be the most invaluable experience of all. Stephanie took part in the dynamic culture in which American and international students mingled together for academic achievements, which inspired Stephanie to absorb the local culture and truly commit to her studies. On the New York campus, the faculty offered highly advanced courses, while the globally leading environment of the university ensured vibrant exchanges of knowledge with other students. Motivated to accomplish academic excellence more than ever, Stephanie quickly reached an advanced level of global business and computer programming, solidifying her commitment to her major of Technological Systems Management. However, SUNY Korea still had more to offer, this time in the form of a wide range of job opportunities. SUNY Korea works closely with international organizations such as the United Nations, global corporations such as BMW and Samsung, as well as numerous biotechnology clusters. Thanks to SUNY Korea, Stephanie now has a number of different options that will take her closer to her dream.

A Taste of a Bigger World before Graduation

SUNY Korea strives to offer an advanced curriculum and greater opportunities to its students. Each year, Stephanie has taken part in the corporate internship program that prepares her to join the real world. This year, she is an intern at an international company in Songdo Technopark, refining her business skills and international experience. In 2018, she was an active member of SUNY Korea USC (Undergraduate Student Council), working as a manager in bridging the gap between the school and its students. This proved to be an incredible experience, teaching her about budget management and accounting, and allowing her to network with other students. It also helped produce another dream for her future: using her knowledge and know-how to help children and youth in need. Stephanie now has a message for other students who are working toward their dreams at SUNY Korea. “At SUNY Korea, you will find a great number of external activity programs for students. Whatever your dream is, do not hesitate to try it out at SUNY Korea. Opportunities for valuable experiences are waiting for you there, ready to bring you out into a bigger world.”

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Source: IGC Journal vol.22


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