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2018 RC Final Presentation

SUNY Koreaㅣ2018-12-13 16:34

On December 6th, 2018, students of the RC Activities Program invited all SUNY Korea students, faculty, and staff to the IGC Multi-Complex Auditorium for their Final Presentation. 

SUNY Korea’s Residential College (RC) Program is divided into the Common program and Activity Program. The Activity program provides students with the opportunity to select one of several extracurricular activities that foster participation in community life. 

More than fifteen activities are opened to all RC students: Off-Campus Volunteering, On-Campus Volunteering, Spanish, Show Choir, Street Dance, SUNY Korea Chorus & Orchestra, NANTA, Fitness, Taekwondo, Team Sports, Swimming, JSU Book Club, MCA, Robotics, and Africa Mission. Each team presented a summary of their activities for the semester in a creative way.

The Chorus & Orchestra opened the night with captivating music; even though there were not many students in the Chorus, they were able to impress the audience with their vocal abilities. The swimming team devised a creative presentation. Because they could not bring a swimming pool to the stage, students used a long blue cloth to simulate water and had swimmers show the different types of strokes. The street dance team, one of the most popular, presented an energetic choreography sequence that captured the audience’s attention.

The division into small groups to specialize in an activity of interest is intended to allow students to build mentoring systems and easily adjust to their campus lives. 

Editor: Eun Jin Cho