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Spring2019 Admitted Student day

네비게이션ㅣ2019-01-31 16:13

On January 26, a red carpet was laid out on the lobby of SUNY Korea’s academic building C. Newly admitted students of Spring 2019 invited for “Admitted Student Day” walked on the red carpet along with their parents and took commemorative photographs. New students and their parents were filled with joy and were able to experience the free and unconventional atmosphere of an American university. Students invited for “Admitted Student Day” were hosted to celebrate their acceptance and be introduced to the campus environment.

Approximately 200 students and parents in total attended the event, of which 81 were prospective students. In the morning, students were gathered separately from their parents for an introductory speech and Q&A session led by Choon-Ho Kim, President of SUNY Korea. Successively, students experienced the difference of an American university lecture led by Dr. Andrew Schenck, the General Manager of the IEC program. Further, members of the Student Council also attended to share the SUNY Korea culture that acknowledges and communicates each other’s differences.

After lunch, Professor Hae-Mi Yang, director of KT, led a lecture addressing mobile communications strategies and work ethics in the global era. Following her speech regarding preparations during university that will contribute to becoming a successful leader, students asked questions. Finally, Jong-Soo Kim, Vice-President of SUNY Korea, presented each student with an acceptance letter to celebrate their acceptance to SUNY Korea.

Dong-yeop Yeon, the Admissions Officer who planned the event, said, “Although it was a short program that only lasted a day, I wanted to introduce the free campus environment of an American university through introducing the academic curriculum, campus life and culture, and communication methods. I hope it presented a good alternative for Korean Students who have been exposed to a somewhat unilateral academic atmosphere for a long time.”

We hope the “Admitted Student Day” event helps students at the crossroad of choices to make a choice they won’t regret. Further, we look forward to seeing each student again at the SUNY Korea campus in the upcoming spring semester.

Editor: Jihye Jung

Translated by Eun Jin Cho