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Be Creative: Make Your Own Cup with USC

SUNY Koreaㅣ2019-03-26 15:41

After a long, cold winter, flowers finally began to bloom as spring slowly came. And for the second runner of ‘Be

Yourself Campaign’ at SUNY Korea, USC (Undergraduate Student Council) hosted ‘Be Creative: Make Your Own

Cup’ on March 20, 2019, at SUNY Korea Quad. The event was organized to help exhausted students to get

their brainswakened and to give them a little fun to release stress.

Students received a mug that has ‘Be _____’ printed on so they could freely express their thoughts and feelings by

filling in the blank. USC prepared 100 mugs for the event, but because there were so many more participants

than expected, USC members had to send some of the students back due to the lacking mugs at the end of the event.

Each of the students’ cups clearly showed their characteristics. Many students expressed their dreams or whom they want to be on their mugs, such as Be Stylish, Be Organized, Be Brand. We could also find many phrases that showed the spirit of youth in students, for example, Be YOLO, Be a Hero, Be SUNY, and so on. Moreover, we could discover

the wit of our students by looking at words/phrases like Bee, Beer, Believe in Myself, and Go Beyond Mars. For the

rest of the mugs, students showed off their imagination and aesthetic sense by different artworks.

After the event was over, President Woo Chul Kim of USC said “Be Campaign, especially the Be Creative event, is

important as it teaches students that not only the academics but also the interactions with other students and

participating in various experiences are part of college life.” Kim excitedly said “We prepared 100 mugs, thinking these

would be more than enough, and we planned a two-hour event, but we ran out of the mugs in less than an hour. The

event was very successful in support of students’ active participation and interest.” USC closed the event by telling

students that they will put more effort to organize more fun activities and events in the near future to make their

campus life even more colorful. 

Edited by Minsung Ku