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Spring 2019 Entrepreneurship Day

SUNY Koreaㅣ2019-04-17 16:48

SUNY Korea Stony Brook students visited an automobile company called Mohenic on March 27, 2019, for the 2019 Spring Entrepreneurship day. Unlike what everyone expected, Mohenic was not a typical car manufacturing company. Mohenic not only reconstructs cars and produces hand made cars, but also runs fashion, café, and restaurant businesses.

Mohenic G, the representative car of Mohenic, welcomed students at the company entrance. Students couldn’t help to show their excitement to see Mohenic G and took pictures with it. At the basement floor of the company, the club lounge used as a party area was located. Café and restaurants were located at the 2nd, 3rd floor, and rooftop of the company. Students were surprised by the creative and sensational space that isn’t usually found in other enterprises.

Mohenic was launched to manufacture and renovate cars to show its unique characteristics. Moreover, Mohenic focuses and values the motivation of each car’s production and its process to make it more special. Mohenic pointed out that these stories help in manufacturing unique products of their own.

Students also got to meet Mr. Henie Kim, the CEO of Mohenic, during their visit. Surprisingly, different from other car manufacturers, he is not an engineer but a designer. Because of that, he considers a car as a piece of art to express their personality, not a mean of transportation. Henie Kim said, “I put much effort to form the parallel relationship among all staff members. And I personally think creative and active moves come from the free environment.” He also drew students’ attention by offering internship opportunities to students at Yeong-am factory line.

Through visiting Mohenic on the Entrepreneurship day, students had a great experience meeting the CEO and touring the company. The visit encouraged students who had an interest in the automobile field to think more specifically about their future and which direction they would like to go after graduation. Also, students had a great chance to feel the changing trend of current enterprises.

Editor: Minsung Ku


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