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FIT Merchandising Society Club Launches Retail Revolution Store

SUNY Koreaㅣ2019-05-14 17:25

April 29, 2019 – FIT’s Merchandising Society Club celebrated the opening of its Retail Revolution Store at the end of April. Located on the sixth floor (608) of Academic Building C, the store sells branded clothes from Stony

Brook University and FIT. 

The Club, which is comprised of FBM students and led by Professor Rosa Jeong of the Fashion Business

Management (FBM) Department, handles all processes of the store from products to merchandising and


Songha Jung, a freshman in FBM who visited the store, commented, "I was pretty surprised with the high quality of the products. I would buy more if they were less expensive. I think the t-shirts and sweatshirts are great to

show my pride as a FIT student." 

Many visitors outside the university have also purchased and shown interest in the store’s items.

We spoke with Youjin Choi, a sophomore and president of the club, to learn more about the Retail Revolution. 

Q.    How did the idea for the store come about?

A.    Youjung, treasurer of our club, came up with the idea first. She wanted FBM students to have something to present to the public just as Fashion Design students present their designs. Opening the store became a good

way to show what we’ve learned at school so far, and we also learned a lot in the process of creating and

opening the store.

Q.    How are you going to use the profits?

A.    We’re going to use the profits to expand our product lines. Now, we only have t-shirts and sweatshirts.

We’d like to eventually sell university-branded pants and jackets, and other unique goods. 

Q.    What was the inspiration for the design?

A.    Our design was inspired by the orange color of the FIT tiger logo, which stands out more than other colors. Another theme of our design was 'tape' strips, attached at the sides or backs of shirts.

Q.    What are your future plans for the store?

A.    In the future, we’d like to provide a wider variety of products and designs. Our final goal is not just making a profit but becoming a representative club of FIT which has the ability to generate funds for other student bodies.

Written by Dayei Kim

Edited by Leanne Patterson-Shin


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