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SUNY Korea FIT Hosts “Woman on Top” Symposium

SUNY Koreaㅣ2019-06-11 10:12

May 30, 2019 –  SUNY Korea FIT hosted its first fashion business management symposium on women in leadership, “Woman on Top,” at the end of May. Held at the RYSE Hotel in Seoul, panelists included Boyoung Cho, Senior Executive Director of LF; Cindy Hahn, CEO of HAHN Global Associates Inc.; and Jee Eun Shin, CEO of Style Nanda/3CE. Meeta Roy, Chair of the Fashion Business Management Department of SUNY Korea FIT, acted as panel moderator. Many fashion students and others in the fashion industry attended this meaningful event.  

The event opened with a congratulatory address by Meeta Roy, Chair of FBM, in which she emphasized the need for expanding women’s contribution in the fashion industry in the future. The panel discussion then began in earnest with Prof. Roy moderating the discussion. 

A common theme that arose in the discussions was the importance of not regarding gender as a barrier in the fashion industry. 

Jee Eun Shin, CEO of Style Nanda/3CE, encouraged women leaders to use their soft skills to their advantage, adding how those skills “gave me a big advantage in my career.” She also highlighted the importance of defining individual strengths, saying, “I want to emphasize that you construct your own leadership skills and style not restricted to any standardized form of male or female leadership.”

The symposium concluded with a lively Q&A session with the audience.

Written by: Minsung Ku

Edited by: Leanne Patterson-Shin


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