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SUNY Korea Holds 2019 Spring Festival

SUNY Koreaㅣ2019-06-13 17:25

May 31, 2019 – Students and faculty gathered at the end of May for the annual SUNY Korea Spring Festival, held under the

theme “Be Dynamic.” With a total of 19 clubs and department booths, various activities hosted by the Undergraduate Student

Council (USC), and student performances and fashion shows, the event captured the dynamic spirit of the SUNY Korea


The festival kicked off with dance performances by Be It, Laboon, SONY, Emeis and RockGround, followed by a fashion show

put on by student design teams from FIT and SBU. The SBU team participating for the first time this year received enthusiastic

cheers for their creative designs and walking skills, while the FIT teams clearly showed in their designs why they attend one of

the world’s foremost fashion design schools. The festival concluded with special guest singer Seungwoo Yu taking the stage.

A representative of the USC commented, “As the Spring Festival is the largest event at SUNY Korea, there was a lot of pressure

from the preparatory stage, but we were able to complete things well thanks to the active help of USC members, and the Student

Volunteer Staff.” The representative pledged that the USC would work even harder next year to ensure an even more successful


The SUNY Korea Spring Festival is held annually at the end of May and this year is the final event held under the USC’s “Be”


Written by Minsung Ku

Edited by Leanne Patterson-Shin