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2019 Fall Career Design School #2

SUNY Koreaㅣ2019-10-31 09:50

The SUNY Korea Career Center held its second 2019 Fall Career Design School on October 26, 2019. This workshop was held in English and welcomed all SUNY Korea students interested in practical strategies to prepare for career development in this competitive, rapidly changing environment. 

The workshop was led by David Choi, who is the CEO of Sonacle and the former team leader of the Mobile Communications Team at Samsung Electronics America. Mr. Choi has also worked in other global companies. 

In the first session Mr. Choi spoke on the topic of “Preparing Yourself: Resume & Interview”, and in the second, held practice job interviews with the students and offered resume advice. 

Minjoo Choi (TSM), a participant, commented, “I have searched a lot of career information on the Internet by myself. I should have attended this seminar first because it was a great help”, adding, “It was very helpful to gain David as a contact and keep updated on internship opportunities.”

Similarly Ulubek (CS), an international student from Kyrgyzstan, said, “It is very difficult to find job information in Korea as an international student. Through this seminar, I gained a lot of information to prepare for a job in Korea. In particular, it was best to learn how to think and appeal from the interviewer’s point of view.”

A graduate student, Yerin Cho (TSM), commented, “Though I have some interview experience, after the seminar, I feel my interview skills have been strengthened by learning some new things I have been missing. I really look forward to participating in the next Career Design School.”

The SUNY Korea Career Center runs many career programs throughout the semester including Career Talk To You, Career Design School, Career Buildup School, and the Entrepreneurship Site Tour. Students can also contact the Career Center at or visit in person (Academic Building A208) for career counselling and information on internship opportunities. 

Written by Sungwon Hyun

Edited by Leanne-Patterson Shin


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