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2019 Fall International Students Association (ISA) Gathering

SUNY Koreaㅣ2019-11-27 17:09

November 15, 2019 – The International Students’ Association (ISA) at SUNY Korea held the first semester gathering at the Innovation Lab. All faculties, staffs, and students with international background joined the gathering. Some of the participants were wearing their traditional clothes and bringing special treats such as bunch of tea from Iran. During the event, the participants introduced their country and performed singing and dancing that represent their country while having dinner together. 

Vy Tran, SUNY Korea FBM student from Vietnam, joined the gathering and said, “It was amazing! That was truly a great opportunity to close the distance between people. And probably thanks to the foods, not just about how good and interesting they were, but I personally think they brought everyone together. Furthermore, it was so nice seeing most of the students came with their traditional clothing. They’re all so proud introducing their traditions, which made me realize that no matter where we are, home is always in our heart.”

SUNY Korea ISA recognizes how hard it is for new international students to get used to being in a new country, so they do the best to provide a home away from home. Membership is open to all international bodies on the IGC campus. 

For more details about SUNY Korea ISA, please click here.

Written by Sungwon Hyun

Edited by Leanne Patterson-Shin


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