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SUNY Korea Career Center holds ”Career Talk To You #2”

SUNY Koreaㅣ2019-11-28 18:02

SUNY Korea Career Center’s “Career Talk To You” series continued on November 27, 2019 with the second talk in the series. “Career Talk To You” offers students a valuable opportunity to interact with a professional who has a broad range of career experiences. 

The invited speaker for this talk was Ms. Jihyun Kang, CEO of Desk M, who offered helpful tips on career development, job preparation, and presentation skills. Ms. Kang has held diverse jobs in many fields, working as a global marketer, TV host, entrepreneur, and lecturer. Many students attended the talk to garner advice on how to prepare for their future careers. 

Leeroy Makusha, a freshman student in Mechanical Engineering Department, joined the event and commented “This was great for me. It truly helped me to explore what kind of jobs I can fit in and what I like to do for my career with the help of the professional lecturer. Also, it was very helpful to learn how to make a good presentation as well as preparing for a job interview.”

SUNY Korea Career Center offers career counseling and internship services for students, helping them make a smooth transition from college to work. In particular, the center has been holding many different career educational programs such as “Career Talk To You,” “Career Design School,” “Career Buildup School,” and “Entrepreneurship Site Tour.” 

For more information, 

  • SUNY Korea website: Career Center
  • Phone: 032-626-1190
  • Email:
  • Office: SUNY Korea Academic Building A Room 208

Written by Sungwon Hyun

Edited by Leanne Patterson-Shin


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