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[2019 Winter Internship] Taehyung’s interview on Genesem Internship!

SUNY Koreaㅣ2020-03-03 16:59

Taehyung Park, a senior in Technological Systems Management (TSM) at SUNY Korea, had a Genesem internship in Songdo, Incheon for three months beginning in December of 2019. It was meaningful for him to learn about the semiconductor field and take a step forward in his future dream. We recently spoke with Taehyung about his internship. 

Q1: Nice to meet you! Please introduce yourself and tell us about your work.

Hello, my name is Taehyung Park and I am a senior in the Department of Technology and Society. I worked this winter as an intern in the technical sales team of Genesem, a semiconductor equipment manufacturing company. 

Q2: Can you briefly introduce Genesem? Why did you apply for it?

Genesem is a semiconductor back-process equipment manufacturer that produces various types of equipment based on the unique technical skills of the company. As a TSM student, I was looking for something that I could do to make the most of my major, and I discovered the possibilities of Korea’s semiconductor industry, which is top in the world. 

Q3: Did you find your major (Technological Systems Management) was helpful for working in the company?

The field I study, Technological Systems Management, is an academic field that deals with the use of technology in corporate management to promote effective technological innovation. It is important to note that our society is turning into a technology-based economy. It is just this quality which has made the semiconductor industry of Korea internationally competitive, subsequently leading to extensive profit through export. The importance of technology cannot be excluded from the list of factors that has made Genesem such a success. Because of that, my major helped me understand the company and business during the internship. Also, this was my first experience with the semiconductor industry, so every part was a new experience.

Q4: Was there an opportunity to demonstrate your overseas experience or English skills?

Many parts and equipment used in the semiconductor industry are named in English. Technical terms are also used in English. In this regard, my English skills have helped me to understand and complete my tasks during the internship. 

Q5: How was your working environment at Genesem?

I worked with a young and flexible staff. However, because I was part of the sales team, I often met with external partners rather other employees in the office. 

Q6: Any memorable episodes from your internship?

As an intern for the technical sales team, I remember that I went to many places to meet with suppliers in Busan, Gwangju, Asan, Icheon, etc. It was a valuable experience which allowed me to see and learn many things in the real world. 

Q7: Lastly, what is your future plan? Please explain for other students who would like to apply for internships!

It was a short internship, but I saw and experienced a lot of things. Through this internship opportunity, I felt there are still many other things to learn and decided to go to graduate school. Internships are a great opportunity for college students to indirectly explore what kind of job they want to do before they get into the real world. I think direct experience can help you make better decisions about your future.

Interviewed by Sungwon Hyun

Edited by Andrew Schenck


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