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SUNY Korea CS Department Wins Seoul Crowdsourcing Technology Comp

SUNY Koreaㅣ2020-05-12 09:53

April 23, 2020 - Hoyoung Kim, a Ph.D. student of computer science and Jihoon Ryoo, a professor of computer science at SUNY Korea won the crowdsourcing technology competition for social problem-solving organized by the Seoul Technology Innovation Center.

Hoyoung Kim and Prof. Jihoon Ryoo made a proposal concerning GPS signal generation designed to solve GPS shaded areas, thereby enhancing the development of location tracking technology in underground roads, which was one of three challenges provided by the competition. These students received the highest score in final evaluation by the Seoul Technology Innovation Center, winning 30,000,000 WON in prize money. 

Through competition, it is expected that the technology proposed by the SUNY Korea computer science department’s research team will be used to solve social problems that ultimately improve citizens’ lives and safety. 

Crowdsourcing is a compound word related to public and external resources. It refers to the way in which citizens participate in a competition and share profits from achievement. One example is a crowdsourcing technology competition by Innocent America, which seeks solutions for social problems by eliciting the collective intelligence of citizens.

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