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Class format in Fall 2021

SUNY Koreaㅣ2021-08-19 17:46

Dear Students and Faculty,

I hope you are all safe and healthy as you are getting ready to come back for the Fall semester.

Slightly modifying what we shared in July,  this is how we will decide our class format as we start the Fall semester based on two factors (government's social distancing level and class size):

  • - For social distancing level 0 or 1, all classes are 100% in-person.

  • - For social distancing level 2, classes with 30 or fewer enrolled students are held 100% in-person; classes with more than 30 enrolled students are held 100% online.

  • - For social distancing levels 3 or 4, all classes are 100% online except approved classes.

With the social distancing level at 4 now, we will start all classes online except those approved classes.  This format will continue until October 15,  2021.  The Academic Affairs and Student Affairs teams will share more detailed information following this announcement soon.

We will reassess the Covid situation during the first week of October and decide whether to change the format starting on October 18, 2021 or not and share it with you.

Let's hope that the Covid situation improves soon.

Please stay safe and healthy and enjoy the rest of the summer.   We look forward to seeing you all soon.


Arthur Lee

Class format in Fall 2021 will be online until October 15, 2021. However, the following approved classes will be held in person. 
  • MEC 101
  • MEC 226
  • MEC 316
  • MEC 441

  • FD 117-SK1
  • FD 117-SK2
  • FD 133-SK1
  • FD 133-SK2
  • FD 217
  • FD 243


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