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Introducing the NEW SUNY Korea Website

SUNY Koreaㅣ2018-03-15 11:59

A new website of SUNY Korea has been recently launched. Here are five essential tips to help you use the new websites in a more efficient and useful way. 

Let's start exploring the new SUNY Korea website!

No.1 Admissions Information Center

This is a place where you can see all the information of SUNY Korea admissions at a glance. You can find essential information such as majors and departments of Stony Brook University (SBU) and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), required documents, tuition, scholarships and financial aid, and dormitory. 

If you have more questions, you can call SUNY Korea Admissions team, and if you want to visit the campus, you can click the link in the Admissions Information Center and apply for Campus Tour. This center is designed to be user-friendly to help SUNY Korea's prospective students. Click here to visit Admissions Information Center. 

No.2 News Room

Newsroom shares various kinds of news that are happening at SUNY Korea. You can see the dynamic and vivid stories of SUNY Korea campus life. Especially, the History Makers series, interviews of SUNY Korea alumni, shares the stories of how SUNY Korea students are doing after the graduation and how students grew up with the value and mission of SUNY Korea. Click here to read more news.  

No.3 SUNY Korea Calendar

SUNY Korea's official event schedules can be found on the website calendar. Events that are related to SBU is a red dot, FIT in a blue dot, and SUNY Korea in a white dot. The calendar is compatible with your mobile phone and PC can be viewed in real time. Click here to check Calendar. 

No.4 Policies & Regulations

You can find SUNY Korea policies, rules and regulations at a glance. Check the critical school rules and regulations in advance and enjoy your university life without any violations. Click here to find out more.  

No.5 Forms

You will soon realize that there are many important forms at a university. Be prepared with the appropriate form and receive the documents you need. The buzz of having to visit the office in person to find and obtain a form has now become unnecessary. You can download the desired forms from the website under the "Form" menu and submit it via email to the designated person. No matter where you are, you can use the service online. Isn't it wonderful? :) Click here to see Forms.  


Internet Explorer Browser users have to delete your internet cash (internet history) before using a new website!

Editor: Jihye Jung (SUNY Korea PR team)