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 Human Resources & Operations 


Admissions Team 




Admissions Team 


Admissions Officer 

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Admissions Team Leader 


Position Summary 
This position holder has responsibility for undergraduate admissions of SUNY Korea, focusing on admission 
processes and working to recruit and communicate with new students from a variety of venues. He or she 
travels to secondary schools to meet with students, answers questions about the university, and evaluates 
potential applicants. He or she might create or lead recruitment initiatives, and conduct counseling with parents, 
students, and school representatives to give adequate information about university education. He/she will also 
be responsible for various application processes, and some knowledge and experience about the application 
management system will be advantageous. 

  Organize recruiting events and represent SUNY Korea at college fairs, secondary schools, and other 

promotional venues. 

  Review and analyze students’ application data and information.  
  Deal with admission inquiries by providing admission counseling services, guidance, and 

administrative support to prospective students, parents, or guardians in person, by telephone, or by 

  Serve as a resource person to students, parents, the community, high schools, and other related 

institutions regarding admission to SUNY Korea. 

  Interpret admissions policies and procedures; respond to general questions about campus life and 

academic programs. 

  Process applications in accordance with admissions procedures. 
  Handle confidential students’ records and enter data into the system. 
  Conduct assessments on ongoing applications and provide a follow-up service. 
  Carry out general administrative duties and other tasks in accordance with the needs of the Recruitment 

and Admissions Team. 



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 Human Resources & Operations 

Required Skills 

  Fluency in both Korean and English writing and communication skills 
  Effective administrative skills to organize and prioritize workloads to meet deadlines while 

maintaining a high level of accuracy 

  Ability and readiness to deliver presentations on the University's values/uniqueness 
  A high standard of communication skills, specifically related to customer services 
  Ability to provide an accurate interpretation of rules/regulations/policies in the provision of 

useful advice/information for customers 

  Knowledge of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other frequently used software in 

professional settings and application management systems 


  Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university 

-  Minimum of one (1) year of experience in higher education admissions is preferred. 
-  Knowledge and experience in software engineering, programming, information 

technology, and systems development will be advantageous.