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Why SUNY Korea?

Why SUNY Korea?

SUNY Korea was founded in 2012 as a part of the Ministry of Education’s decision to serve the transnational needs for quality and global education. Initially launched with the graduate programs of Stony Brook University’s Technology & Society and Computer Science Departments, it has grown to provide six degree programs of Stony Brook University and two flagship programs of Fashion Institute of Technology, educating more than a thousand future talents from 35 different countries.

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SUNY Korea Characteristics of Admissions

1. Rolling Admissions

Rolling admissions refers to a policy in which recruitment, application review, and result announcement are completed as applications are received, rather than waiting to evaluate all applications after a single deadline. This is a typical feature of the admissions process for U.S. universities. Applications are accepted 6 to 8 months prior to the final application deadline and applications are reviewed in the order in which applications are submitted. Each applicant will receive results individually.

2. Operated separately from the Korean college entrance system

There are no separate quota for early, regular, and international admissions. Applicants applying to SUNY Korea do not have to worry about the limit on number of applications that is set for Korean universities. Transfer and international students are welcome to apply, and there is no separate test or interview conducted.

3. Holistic review by admission officers

Successful applicants are selected through the American admissions system, in which all documents are holistically reviewed. Therefore, applicants are recommended to not only submit the required documents, but other supplementary documents such as SAT/CSAT scores, extracurricular activities, awards, and other similar documents.

4. Priority and final deadline

Because the rolling admission system stretches over 6-8 months, there is a Priority Deadline before the Final Deadline. Applicants submitting their applications before the Priority Deadline will receive priority over admission results and scholarship decisions.

5. Differences by SBU vs FIT Program

SUNY Korea offers programs from the Stony Brook University (SBU) and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), two prestigious schools from the State University of New York. Required documents, deadlines, and other admissions process may differ by the choice of school.

6. Diverse Applicants

Not only do Korean students after graduating from a local high school apply, but also international students from abroad, Korean students who have studied abroad, and GED test-takers also apply and join SUNY Korea. Quotas are not divided among the different types of applicants.