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In April 2021, a Faculty Senate Advisory Committee was formed at SUNY Korea to develop the Constitution and Bylaws for a Faculty Senate. The committee consisted of one faculty representative from each of the seven departments as well as the Faculty of Science and Humanity (FSH). After many deliberations, the Constitution and Bylaws of the Senate were approved by the committee. Following a faculty town hall meeting, the documents were put to the vote of faculty on November 11, 2021. The documents were approved unanimously by 65% of the eligible faculty who participated in the vote. In February 2022, the President of SUNY Korea approved the documents and the Faculty Senate of SUNY Korea was established.  Following the Bylaws of the Senate, the first election of Senators and Alternates was concluded by the eighth week of the Spring 2022 semester. The Senate will convene in the early Fall 2022 semester to elect its offices and various committee members and begins its function.